As the leaves turn and the weather cools, thoughts turn to deer stands, schoolwork and simple enjoyment of crisp mornings and shorter days. That’s when they show up. The undead. They know your guard is down and that’s why Crosman has declared October “Undead Awareness Month”.

Zombies are relentless. They don’t rest. They just keep coming. You need to be ready to outgun them because there’s no outrunning the undead.

To prepare you for the apocalypse, a crack team of undead afficianados put together two Pro Pick packages, the Zombie Brain Buster  featuring the ZT32 Zombie Eliminator shotgun and the AMZ11 Zombie Eliminator pistol, and the Undead Annihilator Pack that includes the Game Face M4S rifle and TACZ11 pistol from Undead Apocalypse.  Other Undead Awareness Month spcials inclue a free pack of .36gr Sharpshooter Aisoft BBs with purchase of any Game Face airsoft gun; buy 1 Zombie Serum, get the Antidote for free.

Have something else in mind? Use coupon code BOO20 to get $20 off an order when you spend $100.  Stocking up? Use code BOO30 for $30 off your order of $200.  Digging in your heels and look to stockpile? We’ve got you covered: use coupon code B0040 to get $50 off your order.

Halloween Photo Contest

Undead Apocalypse has put together the ultimate pack for whacking zombies and all you need to do to enter is email your best zombie preparedness photo to social[at] What does zombie preparedness look like? It’s survival. When the undead show up in your yard, show us how you’ll be ready to take them on. Have a zombie airsoft game coming up? Show us your gear. Include your name, a caption and a phone number. We’ll post your photo on Facebook where you can tag yourself and get your friends to help out by liking and sharing (Facebook account not required to enter). We’ll choose a winner based on photo quality, originality, number of likes and shares and overall Crosmaniac attitude!  The winner gets a Z71 Zombie Eraser airsoft rifle, ZT32 Zombie Eliminator airsoft shotgun, AMZ11 Zombie Eliminator airsoft pistol and a pack of Zombie Serum and Antidote, all from Undead Apocalypse.