The introduction of the Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle has been widely regarded as the first effort by a major airgun manufacturer to put affordable, quality PCP airguns into the hands of shooting enthusiasts. The reaction has been tremendous and led to the development of the multi-shot, larger caliber Marauder, compact Marauder Pistol and Woods Walker and the awesome Rogue .357. “With so many great options available for going ‘beyond the backyard’, non-traditional shooters considering airguns have been quick to ask, ‘where can I get them filled?”, says Chip Hunnicutt, Web and Social Marketing Manager for Crosman and member of the Benjamin Prostaff.

“I’ve visited with shooters and hunters and that’s always the second or third question asked. We’ve always directed them to their local dive shop, paintball field or regional cylinder tester. We’re now happy to offer a map with known locations friendly to airgunners seeking to fill their HPA or Benjamin PCP tank,” says Hunnicutt. Rolled out in November, the map has quickly grown to nearly 170 locations, complete with business name, address and phone numbers. These locations have all been contributed by the airgun community and when possible, they include the PSI fill capabilities, cost for a fill and business operating hours. Users can find the map in Crosman University or through a banner link on the PCP Gear page. From there, simply click a location to bring up the details of a location. Users may even zoom in to select among multiple stations located in close proximity to one another.

“This is a great resource for those considering purchasing a PCP airgun or traveling to an area and needing to find a local fill station”, said Hunnicutt. Combined with the PCP Fill Guide for finding the right adaptor for your fill source and a broad seleciton of hunting, plinking and competition PCP airguns, is making it easy to “take it outside”.

PCP Fill Station Map