Pre-charged pneumatic airguns, PCP for short, are receiving more interest than ever thanks to low-cost, high-value options from Benjamin. Hunters, competition shooters and backyarders are all enjoying the benefits of the platform and over the past several months has rolled out features designed to help PCP owners and those looking to invest in this type of airgun.

Fill Adaptor Guide

With numerous options available for filling a PCP airgun, the Fill Guide helps users determine what adaptor they need for their fill solution.

Fill Station Map

You have your PCP airgun, you have a high-pressure tank, now where to get the tank filled? With nearly 300 user-submitted locations across the country (including Hawaii!), this map is ideal for current PCP owners, those considering purchasing a PCP gun and especially those traveling with their PCP gun. Location details include the business name, address, phone and PSI fill pressure capability.

Fill Calculator

Perhaps the most popular question for folks looking for a fill solution: “How many fills will I get?” We have our answer.  Select a Benjamin airgun, select a fill solution, add your desired fill pressure and refill pressure and the calculator returns an accurate number of fills to be expected.

These tools and more are available in Crosman University, a 24/7 source for airgun information.