Pictured, LtoR:  Beth McClung, Marilyn Faber, Vicki Barry, Pam Mason, Bill Vaughn, Ed Spears, David Dandino, Blake Fennell, Brenda Dandino

Bill Vaughn was recognized recently as a good samaritan for saving the life of a fellow employee here at Crosman.  During a work break, Vaughn happened upon the employee, also on break, with a ruptured vein in their leg that was continuing to hemorrhage.  Vaughn sprung into action and applied pressure to the leg and called for help.  Paramedics later stated that had Vaughn not come to the aid of the employee, a tragedy may have occurred.

Vaughn was one of two recipients of the Lifesaving Award during the Ontario County Safety Council’s Safety Awards Dinner.

2 Responses

  1. Dave Smith

    Congrats to ya Bill Vaughn. Sure fills good to be able to help save a life for sure. Again Congrats to you!!!!!!!

  2. Brett Nelson

    It is interesting how the health of others seems to coexist with weaponry sir. As a corpsman attached to 1st Marine Regiment, my training has not only been with that of the Marines but with the daily health and well being of Marines durring sick call…Bravo Zulu for a job well done! By the way I really like the Crossman website…cool.

    HM3(FMF) Nelson, USN