Imagine a mashup of the Olympic Biathlon, add a dash of Bikathlon, then throw in a 110 horsepower BMW 1200 GS and what you’ll get is something close to the RawHyde Adventure Rider Challenge X.  RawHyde is one of only nine authorized BMW Motorrad USA off-road training facilities and the Challenge is the qualifying event to determine who will join “Team USA” in South Africa for the international competition.  Crosman played a role by providing AirSource® 1077 rifles used by competitors during the shooting portion of the event.

The video above shows highlights from The Renegade Run: Return to the Pit competition from this year’s event.  Riders drove their high-ouput off-road bikes through 3/4 miles of treacherous terrain before taking five shots at a target with their Crosman.

Crosman Corporation encourages use of shooting glasses to protect your eyes, keeping an airgun on “safe” until ready to shoot and keeping your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. Please refer to our safety guidelines for additional recommendations.