Crosman Corporation recently hosted a Hunter Education Course on its campus for 44 adults and youths.  The course was taught by the company’s own health and safety manager, Dave Dandino, who has been with the company 31 years.  Dandino, who is hunter and bowhunter certified, has taught the course for 25 years.  He and his team conduct the courses up to eight times annually, based upon the need and interest of the state and local community.

The classes cover basic gun handling, hunting techniques, laws and regulations and students must take a test and be approved by a certified instructor to earn a hunting education certificate.  The certificate is required in New York to obtain a hunting license and is a great opportunity for parents and their kids to learn about the sport.

Most recently, Dave Dandino helped start Hunting School 101, a Facebook group for kids interested in hunting but their parents may not be familiar with the activity.

Congratulations to all the newly-certified aspiring hunters and welcome to the sport. Now that you’re ready to get a license, be sure to check out what Benjamin has to offer in hunting airguns.