• Team USA Overwhelms Team Canada, Team Venezuela

  • Medina Wins 3rd Straight WFTF Piston Title

  • Rushton Wins WFTF PCP Title

  • Sauve Wins Quigley Challenge in Double Overtime

The 2013 Northeast Regional Field Target Championship (NRFTC), hosted by Crosman Corporation, concluded with international teams from Venezuela and Canada competing alongside Team USA. Over one hundred competitors participated in the two-day airgun match, single day air pistol match and Quigley Bucket Challenge.  “What began as a helping hand to a local field target club has grown into the largest regional competition sanctioned by the American Field Target Association” said Mark DeBoard, Crosman’s Shooting Services Manager, of the event hosted by the company on their Bloomfield, New York campus.

See all the photos from the event on our Flickr page.

Crosman Corporation first hosted the event in 2010 when the traditional site became unavailable. The event has continued to grow IMG_2816year after year. The 2013 NRFTC had more youth shooters than in past years including 8-year old Tyler Post and his brother, 12-year old Brent. They were accompanied by their father and grandfather. Sixteen year old Sydney McDaniel began shooting with her father, Sean, and this event was her first competition.  And there was 16-year old A.J. “JrSquirreler” Stewart who first competed last year, traveling with his aunt and a cousin. This year his father came along after spending time in the sport with his son.

The big draw was Team USA as they prepare to attend the World Field Target Federation Championship in Germany in August.  Nine members of the 15-member team were on hand including past NRFTC champions Hector Medina, Greg Sauve and Harold Rushton. They were joined by five shooters of Team Venezuela and when a few Canadian participants formed Team Canada, the international side match was on. Scores were based on the team Team Venezuelaaggregate and after Day 1 it was Team USA (41.33) leading Team Canada (38.83) and Team Venezuela (36.80).  Anchored by Rushton, Sauve and Ray Apelles, Team USA took the weekend with an aggregate score of 88.66. Team Canada finished with 78.66 and Team Venezuela posted a 72.60.

WFTF Piston

Hector Medina won his first NRFTC WFTF Piston title in 2011 and successfully defended it the following year.  After Day 1 he was in a dead heat with fellow Team USA member Keith Knoblauch and just three points ahead of Art Deuel. “Lanes 16-30 are deceptively difficult,” commented DeBoard. “Situated along the front lawn of the campus, depth perception on the hillside and especially the wind, which can get pretty squirrelly over there, make those lanes the toughest of the two sides.”

Sunday was a broiler in terms of both the heat index and the competition pressure cooker. Medina shot a 47 to finish with an 86, six shots better than Knoblauch.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Hector J Medina 47 39 86
Keith Knoblauch 41 39 80
Arthur Deuel 30 36 66
Tom Peretti 39 27 66
Veronika H. Ruf 35 28 63



Harold Rushton drove 14 hours from Alabama to make this year’s Northeast Regional. “Crosman does a great job, the top shooters are here and to have Team Venezuela here gives it a world-class atmosphere which is good preparation for the worlds next month,” said Rushton. He led by just one point after the difficult front side of Lanes 16-30, ahead of Dan Brown who scored a 53. Rushton commented that a lead is nice after Day 1, “but these are some of the best shooters in the country.”

He was right. A third of the class finished with over 100 successful shots.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Harold Rushton 58 54 112
Greg Sauve 55 52 107
Paul Cray 58 48 106
Dan Brown 50 53 103
Ray Apelles 51 49 100
Tim MacSweyn 53 47 100
Neil Younggren 49 45 94
Luis Nevett 44 42 86
Jose Perez-Luna 47 38 85
Peter Brooks 52 28 80
Tim Barnes 45 34 79
Dave Bartlett 35 44 79
Ron Carlson 38 41 79
Francesco Porco 30 42 72
Brian Milne 33 37 70
Giuseppe Avanzo 32 32 64


Hunter PCP

Field target’s Hunter class is the fastest growing segment of the sport. The class rules allow a shooter to closely replicate an actual hunting setup, from gun to seating to the use of bipods, and is a comfortable entry to the sport.  John Tyler posted a 52 to take a one point lead over Chris Helm and a logjam of shooters. But it was Bill Day who rose to the occasion on Sunday to surge forward and finished in a tie with Jerry LaRocca. Bill won in a shootoff.  Greg Shirhall finished tied for third with Chris Helm and won the shootoff by default after Helm left the event early.

Bill also won in 2010 and placed third in 2012.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Bill Day 47 52 99
Jerry LaRocca 49 50 99
Chris Helm 51 47 98
Greg Shirhall 49 49 98
John Tyler 52 44 96
Harold Schaefer 46 47 93
Kevin Kunkle 46 46 92
Eric Thesing 46 45 91
Jacob Pattison 40 47 87
Joel Gupta 46 40 86
Robert W Felton, Jr 43 42 85
Joe Erler 40 41 81
AJ Stewart 36 45 81
Sean McDaniel 36 43 79
James P. Wilcox 37 37 74
Glen Thomas 38 35 73
Steve Harding 36 36 72
Sam Harding 35 35 70
Thomas Wade 36 32 68
Spyros Zouzias 36 27 63
Robert W McInstosh 28 34 62
Douglas Rogers 28 30 58
Sydney McDaniel 27 27 54
Craig Evans 26 26 52
Levi Rogers 19 31 50
Vern Post Jr. 23 25 48
Susan Tenney 31 14 45
Edwardo Hysyk 23 17 40
Brent Post 11 15 26
Vern Post Sr. 12 14 26
Tyler Post 9 8 17


Hunter PistonIMG_3050

There was nevery any doubt after Paul Manktelow posted a 40 on Day 1. He added a 41 on Day to finish well in front.  The drama was in his rearview mirror.

Nicolas Gregoris had a handle on second place before his optic gave way.  He finished fourth.

Jeff Hanson finished strong using a pre-production Benjamin UL77. He’s a design engineer for Crosman and spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning repairing a trigger that let go shortly after the end of Day 1. “It was an old trigger pack we had been using for design, not performance. Once swapped out with a production pack I was able to turn things around,” said Hanson.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Paul Manktelow 40 41 81
Dean Buczek 19 26 45
Jeff Hanson 15 26 41
Nicolas Gregoris 23 10 33
Eric Brewer 15 11 26
Jim Stewart 2 4 6
Vicky Zouzias 2 3 5



Open PCPIMG_2870

Tyler Patner posted the only 50+ score on Day 1 and remained consistent on Day 2 to take the class. Dennis Eden struggled on the open day but a 53 moved him from fourth to second by the end of the event.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Tyler Patner 49 51 100
Dennis Eden 53 44 97
Matthew Sawyer 47 48 95
Tom Holland 52 42 94
Albert Otter 47 43 90
Hans Apelles 45 44 89
Nathan Thomas 33 35 68
Noel Tenney 35 32 67
Stan Lipinski 33 29 62
Richard Bassett 33 28 61
Doug Diver 26 34 60
Rafael Garrido 31 25 56
Ed Tenney 31 20 51



Open Piston

A single point separated Tony Narracci and David Fontaine after Day 1. A second 40+ outing and Narracci was able to pull away.


1-15 16-30 TOTAL
Tony Narracci 42 46 88
David Fontaine 37 45 82
Larry Bowne 14 25 39


Pistol IMG_2906

The Pistol competition portion of the 2013 NRFTC took place Saturday afternoon on lanes 1-15. Of a possible score of 30, Craig Evans posted the top score for all pistol classes of 24.

Dan Brown won the Hands-Supported class. Evans won Hunter, just a point ahead of Hunter (Rifle) winner Bill Day. Jerry LaRocca won the Open class with a 19.


Class Score
Dan Brown Hands-supported 16
Larry Bowne Hands-supported 11
Matthew Sawyer Hands-supported 11
Joe McDaniel Hands-supported 6
Craig Evans Hunter 24
Bill Day Hunter 23
John Tyler Hunter 21
Joel Gupta Hunter 20
Harold Schaefer Hunter 20
Kevin Kunkle Hunter 19
Chris Helm Hunter 17
Greg Shirhall Hunter 17
Joe Erler Hunter 14
Robert W Felton JR Hunter 13
Hans Apelles Hunter 12
Thomas Wade Hunter 12
James P. Wilcox Hunter 11
Edwardo Hysyk Hunter 8
Jerry LaRocca Open 19
Arthur Deuel Open 15
Richard Bassett Open 11
Ed Tenney Open 8



Quigley Bucket Challenge

Always a favorite pre-event competition, the Quigley Bucket Challenge is a re-creation of the dramatic scene in the film “Quigley Down Under” starring Tom Selleck in which Selleck’s character must shoot a bucket at an estimated 700 yards. Scaled for airguns, this equates to a 1.75″ target placed at 55 yards. Shooters must use a 6.5 ft lb rifle using only open / iron / non-magnified sights.

The Quigley had 45 shooters try five shots apiece. Just eight hit the bucket and after two overtimes, Greg Sauve was the only shooter to repeat the feat, besting Harold Rushton, Nicolas Gregoris, Dean Buczek, Bill Day, Larry Bowne, David Fontaine and Richard Basset.

Mark Your Calendar

Dates for the 2014 have already been set: July 11, 12, 13. Book your hotel and make your plans now to be here! Registration will open in February.

To see more photos from the event, please visit our Flickr page.

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    There are no events like this around here ( midwest Illinois ), however, I have been doing some reading on the internet. My comment is — Is it possible for someone that was there to write another short article about the Crosman Event ??

    such as

    — how many targets ?

    — what were the distances for each target ?

    — what was the KZ for each target ?

    — what was the course layout like ?

    — and a few other etc.

    lee miller

    • chunnicutt

      We’ll see what we can gather as far as lane statistics. We did have 30 lanes (15 per side) with two targets per lane. Shooters shot each target twice for a total of 60 shots per day / 120 for the event. Kill zones were full size.