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An American Icon Reborn

For close to 50 years families have enjoyed the legendary Crosman® 760 Pumpmaster® air rifle for beginner plinking and target shooting. Today, Crosman Corporation introduces the newest 760 Pumpmaster as the next in a generation of celebrated American BB/pellet rifles. First presented in 1966, the modern 760 gets a sleek new stock design, state-of-the-art performance improvements, is 30 percent easier to pump and remains close to its 1966 price.

“The iconic American airgun over 16 million people have grown up with is reborn,” according to Crosman Product Manager, Crystal Martin. “It shoots faster than ever, and the new stock design features a repositioned, gravity fed BB port for easier loading, as well as a lengthened forearm that reduces the pumping force by a whopping 30 percent,” Martin commented.  “While most models have risen in cost, Crosman has held the popular 760 Pumpmaster’s retail price to just over $30, very close to the original of $27.95, and we still build them right here in America,” she said.

“The simple, short-stroke pump action of the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB/.177 caliber pellet rifle lets you choose your velocity level, making it a perfect entry level choice,” said Martin. “And while the look of the gun hasn’t changed dramatically over the past half century, this new design promotes proper pumping form along with an ergonomically designed forearm and cheek piece for increased shooting comfort,” she said. The steel barrel provides best-in-class accuracy and the gun includes an elevation adjustable rear sight and a dovetail mounting rail for adding your favorite accessories. The repeater has a reservoir that holds 200 BBs and a five-shot pellet clip. “The new 760 Pumpmaster offers velocities of 645 feet per second with BBs and 700 fps with pellets, and is offered with a rugged, all-weather synthetic black stock or a brand new color, Granite Pink,” stated Martin.

“Share the fun of learning to shoot and choose the classic 760 Pumpmaster for that magical first gun,” Martin says. “It’s rugged, nimble and practical for shooters of all sizes and ability levels.”

The new Crosman 760 Pumpmaster has an MSRP of $48 and will be available at retail in the spring of 2014.

17 Responses

  1. Rob Norris

    Am I correct the new 760 has a rifled barrel? Not smoothbore?

  2. Mike Wagner

    I’d love to have a newer one since my old 760 is broken and needs to be fixed. One thing i don’t like is the lower velocity the new one has, as opposed to the higher one my old original has. Cmon Crosman! you’re skimping here! Build one with a muzzle velocity over a 1000 FPS and really have people snatching them off the shelves!

  3. Mike Wagner

    In the meantime I still use my 1377 pistol that works very well and can use 3 types of ammo. BB’s .177 Pellets and 1-1/4″ long marksman airgun bolts. The airgun bolts are especially effective against larger pests! since my 1377 has a rifled barrel the fins of the airgun bolts fit the grooves in the barrel and give the bolt good accuracy! Your R&D people should check that out!

  4. DavidS

    Nice improvement on the 760. Barrels can always be changed so I am not concerned about that.

    Though what changes were made to get the gains in FPE at muzzle? Are you using a longer pump tube and linkage? A modified valve assembly? A better reinforced piston? A valve nose that more closely matches the pump cup seal? All of the above? None of the above?

      • Hans Luckoff

        I checked a few vendors and still have not seen the new model pumpmasters 5/26/14.