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Includes 3-in-1 Optics Package and All-Weather Stock

Crosman Corporation today introduced the Benjamin® Varmint Power Pack, a powerful new .22 caliber break barrel designed for varmint, pest and small predator hunting. The optics system features a riflescope, flashlight and laser for spotting game day or night, and the new gun sports an all-weather stock offering lightweight durability in the field.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Linda Mosack, “Everything you need to ruthlessly eliminate squirrels, raccoons and other nuisance animals is included in the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack.” Patented Nitro Piston® technology offers up to 21 foot pounds of energy (fpe) and speeds of 950 feet per second (fps). “It’s potent out to 40 yards on rabbits and squirrels, and it’s even a good choice for turkeys out to 25 yards,” says Mosack.

The three-in-one optics package included with the new Benjamin Varmint Power pack air rifle unites a CenterPoint® 4x32mm riflescope for accurate range estimation, a 90 Lumen LED flashlight and a fast acquisition laser. “Hunters, take comfort in knowing you’ll have great visibility in any light conditions,” Mosack said. The ambidextrous synthetic stock has a comfortable raised cheek piece designed to provide firm control during the shot cycle and the rifled steel barrel increases accuracy. The integrated sound suppression system enhances the sound reduction already provided by the Nitro Piston technology, and the gun is equipped with an adjustable, two-stage trigger, Picatinny mounting rail, and rubber recoil pad.

“For varmint and pest control, choose the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack and see for yourself how effective it is when quiet shooting and lethal takedown power are required,” added Mosack.

The new Benjamin Varmint Power Pack has an MSRP of $250 and will be available at retail in the spring of 2014.

14 Responses

  1. Charles

    Looks like it might be what I need. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a break barrel .177 with no suppression, how would you rate the noise of this model and a maurader?

  2. Phil

    will this same gun come in .177 cal ? I sure hope so !

    • chunnicutt

      This package will only be available in .22 caliber.

  3. Josiaha

    Spring of 2014. Any more specific? like April? I would love to get this but as it sits the wife wants me to get my air rifle now so we can save for the baby. I want this one but unsure if ill be able to get it in time.

  4. nunununu

    How many foot pounds of energy can this gun shoot up to. And how hard it is to cock.

    • chunnicutt

      28 foot pounds. “How hard” is subjective but it’s about 35 pounds to cock.

  5. Josiaha

    Just doing more research into what .22 cal I plan on getting and wondering why the Varmint Power Pack doesn’t have the new power plant (NP2) in it? Its not a big difference in release times from the Benjamin Trail NP2.

    • chunnicutt

      Two completely different lines. The VPP may get the NP2 down the road.