Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced the new Benjamin break barrel pistol.  The pistol is a .177 caliber, single-shot pistol powered by Crosman Nitro Piston® technology.

According to Product Manager, John Alvord, “The new Benjamin break barrel pistol is great for plinking or shooting spinners out in the backyard.  What makes it really cool is how quiet it is.  Its Nitro Piston power plant helps make it so quiet, that you can shoot all day and not even bother the next door neighbor, or his dog for that matter,” he said.  “This convenient to use, single-shot pistol is just what you need to ‘take it outside’ for a day of family fun.  Just get yourself some pellets, get out there and shoot to your heart’s content,” added Alvord.

The Benjamin pistol features velocities up to 500 feet per second (fps), and is equipped with a cocking aid and an ergonomic, all-weather ambidextrous grip.  The grip has finger grooves for added stability and comfort.  The 3/8 inch grooved, dovetail receiver is ready for mounting optics of your choice, “or use the hooded, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight included on the pistol,” stated Alvord.  “This pistol is equipped with a rifled steel barrel for accuracy, and sports a tactical appearance adding to its powerful look and feel,” Alvord commented.