Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced a new, patented Benjamin® high pressure hand pump.  The new Benjamin Turbo Aire provides up to 3000 pounds per square inch (psi) and is ideal for pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns.

Professional hunter Jim Shockey comments, “Charging my Benjamin PCP airguns with the new Benjamin Turbo Aire hand pump gives me the flexibility and freedom to pursue game without needing a filling station or a bulky scuba tank.  Convenient to use and powerful enough for a 3000 psi charge, the Turbo Aire is going with me on all my airgun hunts,” he said.

According to Crosman Product Manager John Alvord, “All PCP airguns require high pressure air (HPA) to operate, so we made it a priority to provide an improved option for filling HPA reservoirs in the field, at a range or wherever shooters require a portable air supply.  The new, on-demand Benjamin Turbo Aire pump has two sweeping improvements that distinguish it from the competition,” said Alvord.

“Thanks to its patented design, not only is the overall effort of pumping reduced, but the force required for each pump stroke is more uniform,” Alvord noted.  “The amount of total work required to pump has been reduced by up to 39% and the force required for each individual stroke is more consistent,” he said.

Current pump technologies require considerable force at the end, or peak portion of each pump stroke.  The lever system of the Turbo Aire reduces the peak force to less than 100 pounds over the entire pressure range of the pump, allowing even small framed shooters to operate this pump to 3,000 psi.  Some competitive pumps require 220 pounds of peak force to operate, well beyond the physical capability of many shooters. The large diameter cylinders of the Turbo Aire enhance the smooth, steady pumping motion from the beginning of the pump stroke through to the end.  “The advantages of the Turbo Aire are even more significant when topping off a 3,000 psi tank. It’s simply easier to do because it requires nearly half the effort,” said Alvord.

“In addition, the longevity and reliability of the pump is improved by reducing the number of moving O-rings from 14 found in some competitive pumps, to just five in the Turbo Aire,” he said.

A H2O moisture trap that separates water from the compressed air during filling and an air filter containing color-changing desiccant protect the gun while it is being charged.  “Only clean, dry air will enter your reservoir with the Turbo Aire pump.  This design feature removes the concern of pumping moisture into your gun, which can cause unseen rust and other malfunctions,” according to Alvord.

“The Turbo Aire also provides precise pressure control in your reservoir by allowing you to stop filling at the specific pressure your gun requires for maximum efficiency and velocity.  The built-in gauge on the pump accurately reports the air pressure level, so you know exactly when to stop pumping,” commented Alvord.  “The pump features a nice, wide footplate for comfortable, easy pumping, and is lightweight.  With the new Benjamin Turbo Aire pump, you always have a dependable air supply at your fingertips.”

Other common methods of filling PCP airguns such as scuba or carbon fiber tanks eventually run out of air and need to be refilled.  “The new Benjamin Turbo Aire hand pump operates on human power, so as long as you’re up to pumping, you’ll have a great alternative to the high cost and inconvenience of compressors or trips to the scuba/paintball shop,” said Alvord.

“With less pumping effort, I’m back to hunting faster than ever.  The Turbo Aire is a practical, uncomplicated way to help you pursue your Benjamin PCP airgun hunting adventures,” says Shockey.

The Turbo Aire has an MSRP of $299 and will be available this spring.