Crosman® Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced the new Crosman Silhouette PCP match target pistol.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Terry Neumaster, the Crosman Silhouette PCP Pistol is engineered for target and silhouette competitions where precise shot placement is crucial.  “With the PCP power plant, you’re at a great advantage over competitors by not having to repeatedly pump between shots during a match,” he said.  “Since the Silhouette PCP’s power is uniform on a shot by shot basis, its consistency is excellent.  With its German-made Lothar Walther precision barrel, target shooters will find this pistol both highly accurate and surprisingly affordable,” he said.

An intermediate-sized pistol utilizing compressed air, the Silhouette PCP is dependable and precise.  The redesigned front sight is infinitely adjustable and complements a choice of precision rear sights.  The improved trigger on the pistol features an adjustable, two-stage, drop sear trigger utilizing heat-treated metal components.  “The trigger mechanism is built with the same materials and precision as the popular Marauder pistol trigger group.  Ideal for competition, the bolt is reversible to accommodate right or left-handed shooters,” said Neumaster.

Shooting at velocities up to 450 feet per second, the Silhouette Pistol is capable of 50 shots per fill and meets requirements for both International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) and NRA competitions.

The Crosman Silhouette PCP Pistol will be introduced with an MSRP of $375.