Order By November 22 To Receive In Time For Christmas

Crosman Corporation announces a limited-time opportunity to order a custom engraved Heritage 2260 air rifle and receive it in time for the holidays. Order before November 22, 2013 to receive a Crosman Heritage 2260, .22 caliber, CO2 powered air rifle.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Crystal Martin, “This limited edition, single-shot, air rifle is being offered exclusively on Crosman.com with a special opportunity to personalize the hardwood, walnut stock with a custom engraving. Choose to have it engraved as a holiday present, a birthday or corporate gift, or display it proudly in your own collection,” said Martin. “Few airguns are as timeless as the 2260, and the Heritage 2260 is one that will deliver years of enjoyment to beginning and accomplished shooters alike,” she added.

The limited edition Crosman Heritage 2260 features a handsome American walnut stock and has an MSRP of $125. The single shot rifle is powered by CO2, has a brass bolt, rifled steel barrel and delivers velocities up to 600 feet per second. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and may be used as a peep or notch with the turn of a screw. “Enjoy the classic styling and American craftsmanship of the Heritage 2260,” says Martin.

17 Responses

  1. Rick

    Any word on how long the 2260 will be available?
    Can we expect to see the 1760 if the 2260 sales are good?

    • chunnicutt

      It is a limited time offer so if you’re on the fence, don’t wait to long. If the 2260 is popular and enough interest is expressed for the 1760 it may be considered.

      • paul

        Make a 1760! Not all of us in certain areas can own 22 Cal. It would be really nice to have a single shot bolt action rifle with a nice wooden stock! The 1077 would be great with a walnut stock! I would pay more for a nice co2 rifle with some weight to it.

  2. Bob McIntosh

    The 1760 version would qualify for CMP and NRA youth postal matches!! That wwould be a perfect fit for 2 of our younger enthusiasts.

  3. Bob McIntosh

    After further discussion and checking rule books; we would definitely like to see the .177 cal model 1760. 3 parents would be interested for sure.

  4. Peter

    Will the Heritage 2260 be available until say around Febuary of 2014? Or if not when is the expected date until it is discontinued?

  5. Joe

    Thanks for making this rifle again. I have been looking for a used one for a long time (now that I’ve ordered I’ll find them all over). I have a 2240 with a breach kit, 14 inch barrel, steel barrel band, custom M4 rifle stock adapter, and custom trigger. It shoots ragged one hole groups at 20 yards. I expect the 2260 will do the same at farther distance with higher velocity from the longer barrel.

  6. Hayden mundy

    Has anyone received their heritage 2260 yet, I ordered mine the 29th of November and it was not engraved yet it still has not arrived yet. When should I expect it?

  7. robert

    Our 2260 arrived today and was greatly appreciated. The boys liked the size and weight. Only thing I forgot was the powerlets or we would have tried it today. Will have to get some on hand.
    It is a very NICELY FINISHED and sharp looking weapon, in .177 I think it might do well at 10 meter 3P. Has anybody got to try that yet? even with .22 the shot groups and accuracy should be pretty much the same.
    Sorry I got the designation wrong on the last posting.

  8. David Padrta

    You are talking about a 2260 rifle and bragging it up. I just have a 180 PELLGUN …22 cal
    that I feel can still be competitive with the new guys. I taught my 2 sons and a daughter to shoot
    and learn gun safety, that was back in the 50’s. a beautiful gun ,wooden stock ,all steel,looked
    a lot like the gun I learned on back in the 30’s, a 22 cal short single shot from the local hardware store. my Dad handed the gun to me with several shells and told me to bring me back his supper.