Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports industry introduces a ground-breaking new, electronic, precharged pneumatic air rifle created for hunters.

According to professional hunter Jim Shockey, “The .357 caliber Benjamin Rogue offers more knock-down power than any .22 cal rimfire ranging from 150–300 foot pounds of energy.”  The Rogue is a multi-shot repeater equipped with an innovative, micro-processor controlled valve that extends the firing distance and provides “accuracy and lethality out to 150 yards,” says Shockey.

Ken D’Arcy, Crosman President and CEO, comments that the pioneering technologies in this air rifle will “Combine to change the course and perception of airgun hunting in the same way that the introduction of compound bows transformed the world of archery hunting.  Encroaching development and increasing predator encounters have helped with the acceptance of using big bore airguns for urban animal control as well as hunting,” he said.  “This venture into big bore hunting airguns is a natural progression for us as we continue to focus our product development in the hunting category.”

The new Benjamin Rogue ePCP hunting air rifle is “Different than traditional compressed air PCP or CO2 airguns because of its innovative, patent-pending e-Valve,” says D’Arcy.  “The electronically driven power furnished by the e-Valve promises drastic changes to the way we’re used to hunting with airguns.  No other airgun provides as many as 20 shots per fill and shoots at a consistent rate of 150 fpe – and certainly not at this price range” he said.

“The Benjamin Rogue’s flexibility adds further distinction.  By adjusting the electronically controlled settings, the Rogue is capable of short and long distance shooting making it appropriate for both small and large game hunting.   The Rogue’s velocity ranges from 200 to 900 fps with knock-down power from 6 fpe to an astounding 300 fpe. The limitations of traditional, close range airgun hunting are eliminated with the Rogue as you can now experience an airgun that ethically harvests game at longer ranges,” stated D’Arcy.

Equipped with a single air reservoir, the Rogue fills to 3000 psi.  “Thanks to the patent pending e-Valve, the remaining pressure is monitored in the reservoir and maintains constant velocity, solving the problem other big bore PCP guns have of decreasing shot count and reduced knockdown power as the psi decreases,” said Terry Neumaster, Crosman product manager.  “Unlike our more expensive competition, the Benjamin Rogue continues to deliver powerful shots even with pressure as low as 1000 psi.  This feature makes for remarkably efficient use of what air remains in the reservoir resulting in an increased shot count,” he said.

All the information a hunter needs for a day in the field is available on the Rogue’s built-in LCD screen. “Accurately displaying the remaining pressure in the air chamber helps hunters determine how many shots are left in the chamber before the gun needs to be re-filled,” says Neumaster.

The LCD screen reports other variables controlled by the micro-processor including the controls for the e-Valve.  “By controlling the open time of the valve via the LCD screen, you have the option of adjusting your shot velocity.  In addition, by making adjustments to the settings for the grain weight of your ammunition, you literally ‘dial in’ your preferred speed and power,” according to Neumaster.  A heavier load means more knock-down power, and although a heavier load reduces the quantity of shots per fill, it produces heavier impact on larger game.  “The most exceptional aspect of the Rogue is its variability.  No other airgun lets you choose what kind of game you want to hunt, in one package with only a few easy adjustments,” said Neumaster.

“There is enough power in this air rifle to take a boar-sized animal, and while I like airgun hunting for the challenge of close range pursuit, having one gun that offers both short and long range options in one package is a hunter’s dream,” says Shockey.  “The Rogue brings airgun hunting beyond pest control and into trophy hunting territory.”

The Rogue’s innovatively designed stock is shaped for hunters.  The 25 inch, baffled .357 barrel is rifled and compatible with other calibers in the same receiver.  While most guns are limited to a single caliber, the Rogue can accept from .354 to .357.  The magazine holds 6 shots with an option for a single shot tray.  It has a 2-stage, electronic, adjustable trigger with dual electronic switches.  The air rifle is outfitted with sling studs, fill adaptor and a degassing tool.

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  1. J.Corton

    Looking forward to seeing this product. Some folks within the airgun and hunting community have commented on historical separation between these products (airguns for winter practice, powder-burners for hunting season) and have recommended Crosman secure competence in one realm before entering the other. Also, there has been some fear of drawing regulatory attention to airguns, which I believe, most all would like to avoid. My sincerest congratulations to your company for introducing this new technology and best wishes for its continual development and perfected reliability.

  2. Everett

    Nice to see yet more evidence of the local kid making good! I hope it works out very well!

  3. Alon

    This looks REALLY promising!!
    Unfortunately, this most likely won’t be available in Canada due to it having the integral shroud. Silly Government…

  4. Volvo

    PLEASE come out with an electric compressor to fill PCP’s at a reasonable price and I will buy both!

  5. Jamal

    It is always great to see more BENJAMIN products & I think that this one will be one of those game-changers, all other competition will have to step up the plate or go home!
    the only thing I would suggest would be swappable barrels…just look what it did for the airforce condor & talon… just my opinion. I just hope I can afford it cause if not I will have to buy a firearm instead of another Benjamin.

  6. Rocky

    I am glad Crosman has entered this field. I am a big bore hunter and my only choices are expensive custom jobs that make it hard to get into the sport. This will definitely change the paradigm and open up a large market to more people. Great Job Crosman!!!!!!

  7. Mike

    As it stands now, most areas of the country only allow hunting of small game with airguns. In many areas, even hunting coyotes is limited to PB. It will take a monumental change in local hunting regulations across the country to even allow for the use of the Rogue on anything other than squirrel and rabbits, and a .357 is way overkill for those.

    I love Crosman, but am underwhelmed by the apparent lack of fore-thought that went into this release. Please speed the spread of the ePCP technology into a Marauder class of airguns.


    This gun looks like a winner. Having shot air guns most of my life I am glad to see Crosman producing top quality air guns.
    I am concerned with the power of this air gun drawing unnecessary additional legislation in the future. As a hunting and target arm, I think it is ideal. I just hope we don’t see additional legislation on air guns in this country as there is in other countries.

  9. Bill Berger

    What isthe selling price going to be? How accurate is the gun? What pellets are available and the most accurate in the gun?

    • Chip @ Crosman

      Price will be announced soon. The gun is *very* accurate – we were consistently hitting a small steel silhouette at 75 yards during the S.H.O.T. Show’s Media Day event. For ammunition, we will be offering the 145 grain Benjamin® by Nosler® eXTREME bullets with their proprietary Ballistic Tip®, 90 grain Benjamin Pursuit Hollow Point and 175 grain Benjamin Pursuit Roundnose.

  10. Richard

    First – Marauder, now this! If noise can be limited (as, say, Logun S-16s), both products would be the best on the world market.
    Chapeau bas, gentlemen!

  11. Peter O

    Will this rifle be released in Australia in 2011. It looks like the goods for taking foxes and other pests under the light.

  12. Larry Landon

    When will it be available, how much will it cost.

    Please let me know

  13. Cliff Ward

    One store has it listed at $3000 (US) and “discounted” to $2000. Very hefty for me even if it was a regular rifle. At $2k its way out of my range but i certainly wish them the best of luck. One of the responses above mentioned there have been bigger bore air guns out for a long long time, where Can I read on these?

  14. Lee Bell

    I am really liking this. I think this is on the right track for airgunners. I always wanted a rifle that had that kind of knock down power without the niose. I have four of the new line of rifle from Benjamin, The nitro XLs and the Marauder love then all. I also own 3 Sumatra’s 177 ,.22 and .25 cal I love the control of power on them. this is the best of both of these rifles. I hope I can buy one of these in the future

  15. Kim Campbell

    Chip; I would like to know if there will be a rifle for export to Canada?
    Sounds like an amazing Airgun. Specialty Shooting Sports Outdoors in Vancouver is displaying
    the Crosman Rogue write up on their website.
    Cliff Ward check out this site to bone up on the big bore hunting scene!

  16. Kim Campbell

    If it exceeds 495fps it is clasified as a firearm, and can still be bought if you possess a Possession, and Acquistion Licence (P.A.L.)
    1000fps air rifles are available for sale in Canada right now!
    The only issue would be the supression!!

  17. Kim Campbell

    I guess the fact that you are using a Canadian Professional Hunter as a spokes person could be the reason I thought you might be suppling Canada with the Rogue.
    Jim Shockey lives on the same Island that I do, within an hour and a half drive of my house.
    No I do not know him personally, but he did state on camera that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Rogue to try it on big game. I guess he will be hunting in the States!

    • Chip @ Crosman

      Brutal isn’t it? Sorry for leaving out the MSRP, it’s just that we’re still wrapping up what the final package will be and will have a price for you later next month. As for the air source, compressed air.

  18. Boone Lane

    Anyone seen any ballistics data on this thing?

  19. Boone Lane

    Anyone seen any ballistics data on this thing?

  20. Curtis

    I need more info. I am ready to buy but dont know where to pick one up.

    • Anonymous

      They available at PyramydAir and Cabela’s. The LE version is exclusive to For more info check out

  21. Curtis

    I need more info. I am ready to buy but dont know where to pick one up.

    • Anonymous

      They available at PyramydAir and Cabela’s. The LE version is exclusive to For more info check out

    • Steve Sanderson

      Curtis, if you want a quality American made air rifle, please try the NPSS Remington. Its a little spendy, but well worth the money. AND NOT ASSEMBLED IN CHINA, like crosman an gamo. I had a Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk for 2 weeks, until the linkage bent so bad it started hitting the composite until pieces started falling off. On the reccomdation of Pyramydair, I tried it out, put a charlie the tuna GRB trigger on, and the rest is history. I can group 8.8 hollow point pellets in a 2 inch bullseye at 225′.

    • chunnicutt

      Please visit our Where to Buy page for a dealer/distributor near you. They will know the regulations in your area and if the Rogue is available to you.