Following its initial introduction of Marines Airsoft products, Crosman Corporation’s Marines Airsoft brand has introduced three distinct, designed-for-scenario-play long guns.  Each of the three new guns reflects military styling.  The new series of long guns include one tactical AEG and two, three-burst, pump-style.

According to Crosman product manager Flemming Molin, the three new Marines Airsoft guns “deliver a true ‘Eagle, Globe and Anchor’ scenario experience second to none,” he said. “They provide players with all the close-quarters action they could hope for and are well balanced for fast, precise action and maneuverability. The new guns are offered in three different styles adding to the realism and fun of any scenario environment. We believe that this trio will be a favorite with our Marines Airsoft players,” commented Molin.

The Marines Airsoft CM4 is an M4-inspired, electronic AEG offering full or semi-auto firing modes.  The rifle features sturdy, polymer body construction and full metal gears.  The CM4 has a retractable, adjustable stock and carry handle, a comfortable pistol grip, and adjustable rear sights.  For greater distance and accuracy, the CM4 has an adjustable hop-up system.  It has a high capacity magazine, and fires at up to 375 fps with .12g ammo. The CM4 carries an MSRP of $156.00.

For a realistic shotgun experience, with three-times the firing fun, the multi-shot SS02 and SS03 airsoft guns feature realistic shotgun shells that shoot three BBs simultaneously and hold 30 BBs each. They both shoot at up to 350 fps with .12g ammo and feature the slam-fire system so the faster you pump, the faster you shoot. “Since pump-action shotguns require no batteries or gas, operating them is fast and easy,” said Molin.

Featuring a stockless pistol grip, the SS02 holds up to 30 rounds, and carries an MSRP of $100.00.

The Marines Airsoft SS03 offers a non-slip, rubberized, retractable flex stock and pistol grip. The grip holds a convenient backup magazine. The SS03 also includes a tactical accessory rail and features long, metal barrels for accuracy.  It carries an MSRP of $141.00.