ROCHESTER, New York, (January 15, 2013) –Answering the demand for reliable defense against relentless zombies, Crosman Corporation, long known for designing fun products for the shooting sports, has added three new AEG rifles to its Undead Apocalypse airsoft products line.

According National Sales Manager, Joe Syring, “Undead Apocalypse Airsoft defends you from the endless scourge of zombies that prey on human flesh and, while they appear senseless, zombies are pretty crafty. Arm yourself with the newest, most advanced defensive airsoft available,” he said. “Our three new rifles are intended to help keep you amusingly safe from the living dead.”

The three new Undead Apocalypse Zombie Airsoft models are a trio of two-color, M4-style, AEG full-auto rifles. The first, the Z79 Zombie Inoculator, allows you to choose full or semi-auto and has an adjustable Crane-style stock. “The Picatinny front quad rail accepts accessories of your choice for spotting creepers. The high capacity magazine holds up to 300 rounds for blasting the undead,” said Syring. The second rifle, the Z77 Zombie Purge, features a built-in compensator, high capacity magazine and gravity fed hopper that holds up to 500 rounds. “The Z77 has a convenient, multi-position, removable stock for when you find yourself trapped in cramped space with a sinister flesh eater,” he said. “The third rifle, the Z71 Zombie Eraser™, features a vertical front grip, for extra shooting support if you can’t shake the jitters. The Eraser stock and compensator are also removable, if you’re into stealthy skirmishes,” Syring said.

“Prep your survival kit with a new Undead Apocalypse Airsoft rifle and live to see tomorrow,” added Syring. All three rifles are currently available at retail. The Z79 Zombie Inoculator has an MSRP of $100, the Z77 Zombie Purge has an MSRP of $85, and the Z71 Zombie Eraser’s MSRP is $80.

Undead Apocalypse Airsoft will exhibit the new AEG airsoft rifles with its entire product line at the SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas from January 15-18.