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Dual-Ammo Vigilante Revolver and 140-Shot Wildcat

Crosman Corporation today introduced two CO2-powered air pistols to its extensive category of recreational air pistols. Both models, the new Wildcat and the Vigilante Revolver, are semi-auto CO2 powered pistols. The new Crosman Wildcat is a compact, powerful, pink and black BB pistol that provides a stunning 140 shots per CO2 cartridge, while the Crosman Vigilante Revolver offers a completely modern take on classic styling and shoots both pellets and BBs.

According to Crystal Martin, Crosman product manager, “Crosman CO2 powered air pistols are not only fantastic for plinking fun, but also make excellent target shooting and training pistols. Sharpen your marksmanship skills, have fun shooting targets, and save money on ammo with the new Crosman Wildcat or Vigilante Revolver,” says Martin.

The new Wildcat is a compact pistol, built in America, with comfortable, checkered grips, accents of pink, and a precision steel barrel for added accuracy. “The Wildcat has an under-barrel Picatinny rail for adding your favorite accessories,” said Martin. “It features a convenient 20-shot, drop-out magazine for fast reloading and an easily removable grip panel for quick replacement of CO2,” she said. The new Wildcat shoots at up to 480 feet per second (fps), carries an MSRP of $50 and will be available for purchase this spring.

“The versatile Crosman Vigilante Revolver is a single or double action pistol with a full-metal frame that is assembled in America. It’s perfect for action shooting and enjoys up to 70 shots per cartridge,” says Martin. “The 6-inch rifled steel barrel is ruthlessly accurate with BB velocities up to 465 fps and 435 fps for pellet,” she said. Choose a 10-shot rotary pellet clip or a 6-shot BB clip. “Use the dual accessory rails to mount a scope, laser or flashlight for the ultimate backyard plinking air pistol,” adds Martin. The Crosman Vigilante Revolver is available now with an MSRP of $80.

2 Responses

  1. Tom Atwood

    So cool I have Crosman rifles but no pistols looking to go get one soon

  2. Harley

    I have the ancestor to the Crosman Vigilante, the original Crosman 357 10-shot pellet only version. However I notice that retailers in Canada absolutely REFUSE to stock appropriate speedloaders for these guns and it’s real aggravating to airgunners up here that we basically have to beg and gravel for help finding them.

    That, and it doesn’t do us any good that guns only come stock with ONE loader most times. THAT is ridiculous. Besides that, great guns.