Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced two, convenient new Benjamin Charging Systems for precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns.

“Truly practical charging for PCP airguns is finally here,” according to product manager Tom Clark.  “The addition of these two new cylinders, complete with fill valve and gauge, will change the way people think about PCP airguns.  The ease with which you can now fill/charge in the field has been simplified. These two new Benjamin charging systems are just what you need to get charged and get shooting quicker and more conveniently than ever,” said Clark.

The 90-cubic inch Charging System is portable and weighs in at a comfortable 5 lbs.  “This cylinder is compact for use in the field,” said Clark. “You can even recharge your PCP when you’re in your treestand.” The 90-cubic inch system is 15 inches long and gets up to 16 fills depending on your starting pressure.  “You haven’t seen a portable, versatile air supply like this before.  Use this and you’ll fall in love with your PCP airgun all over again,” he said.

“For more volume, choose the 342-cubic inch Charging System.  This is a great tank to leave in your vehicle and revisit for quick, convenient charges.  Shooting teams will be thrilled at the number of fills this solution provides,” commented Clark.  “At up to 80 fills, this cylinder is less expensive than comparable tanks, which makes it practical choice for many shooting venues.  It weighs 15 pounds and is 36 inches long, “so it’s well suited for those times when you need more fills like competitions or organized shoots,” he said.

The new Benjamin Charging Systems each hold up to 4500 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure and are Department of Transportation approved/certified.  The cylinders are each 4 inches in diameter making them convenient to pack.  They work equally well with either nitrogen or compressed air and can be filled at paintball shops, commercial welding supply houses, and some scuba shops that fill to 4500 psi.  The high-quality fittings are designed for 4500+ psi applications.  Each tank has a 5-year retest cycle and a 15-year life cycle.

Both Benjamin Charging Systems have high precision, impact-resistant, aluminum shells wrapped with high-tech carbon fiber composite. They are finished with a high impact, high gloss, black gel coat that features the Benjamin logo.  “It’s the end of ugly tanks rolling around in the back of your truck,” said Clark.

In addition to the convenience and portability of the new Charging Systems, the valve is European-made and of exceptional quality and precision. The restricted flow manifold features slow-fill technology for gradual and controlled filling, so that when it’s opened for charging, there are no spikes in pressure.  This provides a worry-free, consistent method for filling PCP airguns.  The 12-inch, micro-thin hose minimizes air loss between charges, and the ergonomic hand wheel makes for easier handling.

The total number of fills varies based on the maximum charging capacity and the reservoir size of the gun being charged. Optional accessories are available to accompany the Charging Systems.  The 90-cubic inch tank offers a carrying case that has a belt loop for hands-free maneuverability.  The 342-cubic inch tank offers a custom back with comfortable handles.  Both cases are soft-sided and embroidered with the Benjamin logo.

Specialized Charging System service is available for service and replacement parts.  Fill valves will be stocked.