Prostaffer Barry Stewart was on hand at the 2011 Predator Masters Hunt in Las Cruces, New Mexico last month to not only knock down a few coyotes, but to introduce the next generation to shooting by presenting every boy and girl with a brand new Pumpmaster 760.

Predator Masters is non-profit with an online membership of 34,000 and the annual hunt is an opportunity for hunters to socialize and hunt coyotes across one million acres of public land. Barry, a rancher and predator control specialist who recently harvested a coyote with a Benjamin Marauder .25, presented scores of Crosman rifles to kids on banquet night.

“We had more kids than airguns but Crosman stepped up and will be shipping new guns to each one who could not take a gun home from the event,” said Stewart.

With a full line of Nitro Piston break barrel rifles and PCP-powered airguns that are ideally suited for predator hunting, Barry is already making a case for airguns as an effective tool on predators, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the Rogue.”

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