To have a product included in Peterson’s Hunting magazine’s annual “Gear of the Year” issue is an honor, to have four while nearly sweeping an entire category says something about a company.

Take a look at the four guns selected: a pistol, a PCP rifle, a break barrel and an entirely new first-of-its-kind product, the ePCP Rogue.  Four guns, four different platforms.

Peterson’s Hunting was established in 1973 and is dedicated to recreational hunting for the “true enthusiast” and provides instructional and in-depth articles including specialized aspects of the sport and equipment.  Their stable of writers include Craig Boddington and Mike Schoby.  Their articles are ready by over 300,000 monthly subscribers.  Then there’s the tv show, Peterson’s Hunting Adventures airing on WildTV and Sportsman Channel.

For the Gear of the Year, 165 products were selected.  Six were airguns.  Four of those were Crosman & Benjamin products.  So what guns made the cut?

Benjamin Rogue was the top airgun.

The Remington Summit and Benjamin Marauder made the list for their performance and finish.

Rounding it out is this season’s most popular treestand companion, the Marauder PCP Pistol.

Look for the 2012 Peterson’s Hunting Gear of the Year edition on newsstands.

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