If you were driving through Findlay, Ohio earlier this month, you may have seen a big crowd toting anything from air guns and BB guns, to slingshots and paintball guns. And if your curiosity led you to the center of this activity, the Lighthouse Banquet Facility, you would have discovered it was none other than the Flag City Toys That Shoot tradeshow.

Established five years ago, the organizers continue to make the show better with each edition (the turnout was so great this year, the event made the front page of the local paper).  “Flag City” refers to the moniker earned by the town of Findlay back in the 1960’s when it began celebrating June 14, Flag Day, by decorating every home and business with flags.  Over 14,000 flags gets you a lot of attention and in 1974 it landed Findlay the title of “Flag City U.S.A.” by congressional declaration.

The Toys That Shoot show is for folks interested in buying, selling, trading or simply talking about “toys that shoot”, such as air guns, cap guns, slingshots and the like.  Crosman contributed “his & her” Pumpmaster 760 pellet rifles and both were a big hit.

Next year the show will take place April 9, 2011 so mark your calendar!