Tim Anello and Dave Poteat of Inside Outdoors TV, both Benjamin Prostaffers and Crosman Partners, were heading east from Oklahoma for their spring turkey tour and gave us a call from the road. The guys were headlining the Capital City Christian Sportsmen’s Dinner in Frankfurt, Kentucky and asked if Crosman would like to support them. ¬†Over 1,000 were expected to attend and hear them talk about hunting and time in the woods spent with family and friends, and because we’re all about taking it outside, we got on board.

The girls pictured above won a Pumpmaster kit and Pink Pumpmaster kit, complete with ammo, targets and shooting glasses. “These girls are from China and were adopted by a family one year apart from each other. Their Dad convinced them to come and because of your generosity we were able to bless two young ladies that evening,” wrote Jon Sutphin, Associate Minister at Capital City Christian Church.

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