Opossums are bonafide pests, particularly come winter time when any hole is considered a den and garbage, dinner.  In Michigan there’s a whole lot of winter so running into these critters trying to make a home from, er, *your* home, is far from unlikely.

The opossum in the photo above showed up about a week earlier.  The family’s Boston Terrier quickly spotted the intruder, “they kept running into each other and a hissing/barking match would start,” said John Vander Sloot, head of the household. In fact, these encounters became so intense that the family would no longer let the dog out at night.

Not to let a hunting opportunity go to waste, on a recent evening John reached for his Remington® NPSS .  The .22 caliber air rifle packs 23 fpe, more than enough stopping power for this scavenging, dog-intimidating varmint.  The combination of limited range and quiet operation make an air rifle the ideal tool for backyard pest control.

As much as John enjoys a stalk, passing along hunting traditions is equally important so he handed the Nitro Piston-powered rifle to daughter Katie.  With cunning stealth and careful aim, Katie got into position as the critter made its nightly run behind the house and with one shot, returned the backyard to the family dog.

7 Responses

  1. Jim Burdine

    My only problem with the Nitro pistons is that they don’t have a set of metal sights on them. A nice set of metal sights for those of us that don’t use a scope would be nice.

  2. Alan

    I like the my NPSS now that the barrel issue is sorted out.My brother likes his too,after
    his was fixed for the same issue. Crosman needs more quality control and more American
    made parts.

  3. Paul A Bernett

    My NP-XL in 22 cal. is giving me a hard time. At 20 yards a 2 inch group or more just aint cutn it. out of A 5 shot group 2 will be withen A half-inch or so where the crosehairs are at and the other three 2 or 3 inches away in any given direction OFFEL TERIBLE HUH! the scope is thight, and im useing a good caldwell shooting rest with sand bages at both ends.The pelets that sime to do the best are beeman FTS cooper coted, H&N. Pollymag”s and crosman premer domend. My CED cronagraf tells me its at about 830 to 850 FPS. with about 14 to 16 Graners—–Aney ideas???????

  4. Don Lamons

    I too am using an NP-XL in .22 and am not happy with accuracy. Pellet insertion into the breach is difficult and I noticed the sharp edge of the breach makes little lead shavings that will trail the pellet and must affect accuracy. I plan to widen the breach and soften the sharp edge to improve pellet insertion and to avoid shaving the pellet skirts into little imperfect ‘fins’. I wonder if there is a Benjamin/Crossman opinion on this.
    “Hunting tradition”? I hope the possum stew was enjoyable.

  5. joey

    What a great story! I have 3 boston terriers and they never let me use my crosman nitro pistoned xs46u. They get the critters before I can find where I left it!
    If I ever have a daughter, hope she is just like the girl in this story.