“Complete pass through, fastest arrow I’ve ever seen.” – professional guide, Tioga Ranch.

Tioga has been a proving ground for a number of products from Crosman and Benjamin, including the Marauder .25, CenterPoint crossbows and Rogue .357. This trip was different. Nic Hargarther, a Manufacturing Application Engineer for Crosman was headed to Tioga for an annual pig hunt and he asked about borrowing a Pioneer Airbow for the weekend.

Since being introduced at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) annual tradeshow on January 4, interest skyrocketed and it has translated into a wildly successful pre-order period. The fortunate few who have been able to get a pre-production prototype have wasted no time hitting the woods including Chuck Sykes hunting deer in Alabama and Tony Martins pursuing predators in Arizona.

The day began early and it didn’t take long to spot the massive russian boar among the trees. As the sun cleared the pines, Nic loosed an arrow and at 54 yards it struck the massive boar in the shoulder, sliced through the 20160227_105720animal’s protective plate and exited behind the ribs. The airbow arrow bounced off the ground and stuck solidly into a tree. Nic was able to quickly reload but a second shot was not necessary.

The boar weighed in at a huge 427 pounds.

“I’m just an average guy that enjoys shooting and the outdoors. I happened to have a hunt, an airbow was available, and it was awesome,” said Hargarther. It was a busy weekend at Tioga with several Pennsylvania wildlife officials and others there hunting all manner of game. “One guy wanted to use the airbow on his elk hunt but I had to get back home!,” commented Hargarther.

The Pioneer Airbow will begin shipping in April.