YouTube phenom FreddieW released his latest video over the weekend, a promotional spot for the upcoming film, “Cowboys and Aliens”, directed by Jon Favreau and starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.  Favreau (pictured above) contacted FreddieW directly and provided the resources necessary to pull it off, from a full stunt crew and use of the Universal Studios backlot.  His only request:  to be an actor in the production.

So when it came to weapons, FreddieW put a Game Face Elite Mayhem GBB in the star’s hand.  

In just two days the promo has been seen by nearly two million viewers.

Crosman and Game Face first contacted FreddieW in 2010 and provided a variety of Game Face product for his videos.  With 1.9 million subscribers and almost 32 million channel views, FreddieW ranks in the Top 100 of YouTube’s “Most Viewed”.  FreddieW likes the Game Face pistols for their authentic blowback action which help to add an element of realism to his videos.

What’s next for Game Face and FreddieW? You’ll just have to tune in!  Until then, check out Cowboys & FreddieW after the jump.

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