Tom Gaylord aka “B.B. Pelletier”, recently reviewed a pre-production model of the Benjamin Rogue .357 in a three-part series.  From the history behind the development of the ePCP™ technology to a discussion on shot strings associated with a gun featuring nearly limitless shot variabilities, the postings represent an excellent first glance at the new rifle.

Slated to go on sale June 1, the $1500 Benjamin® Rogue™ will include custom embroidereed soft case, bipod, Power Class 3-12x44mm optic from CenterPoint Hunting & Outdoors and a 3-year warranty.

As the Rogue makes its way to production we look forward to hearing from you and your firsthand experience as well.  Until then, enjoy Tom’s series:

Part 1 History, Caliber, Electronics, Shroud

Part 2 Bolt operation, Safeties, ePCP,

Part 3 Ammunition, Bench tests

5 Responses


    I hope that I could get one” but unless the price comes down.I don’t think I could afford it.But hats off to a brilliant concept that will in time create a large market for this type o0f air gun.

  2. Fred Wohlert

    Very nice but way to spendy for the average guy!! It is still a pellet gun any way you look at it!! These will have to be made by demand.

  3. Gary Miller

    ??? $ 1500.00 At this price it should at least come with a hand pump, and possibly an airtank, and life time warranty, not just a 3 years warranty. I have noticed that the current benjamin pump is not recommended, but the hill brand will work. Why build a PCP airgun that will not work with the current benjamin pump? Ammo seems way too expensive also. $ 17.00 ?? We are not talking about a brass shell, primer, powder, and a lead bullet here. Only the lead bullet. I am however very interested in this new airgun from benjamin like most airgunners will be, but the price is way too high for the gun and the ammo. If the price was more in reason, say under $ 1000.00 , for the gun, and the ammo at half the current price, Benjamin could not make enough of these things to keep up with demand .

    • Chip @ Crosman

      The reservoir on the Rogue is large and the effort involved to pump up the Rogue would be quite significant with a handpump and therefore they are not recommended. Considering the patent-pending eValve technology that allows for more shots and the pricing of comparable guns, we believe the Rogue is at a very compelling price point.

      We’ll have a variety of ammunition options, stay tuned!

  4. Abel

    Id love to see this rifle come in semiautomatic.A bigger clip,say 16 shots.Maybe a bottom fed magazine like the MAR 177.Comon guys I know yall can do it.That would undoubtedly double or even triple the interest and make the $1500 price tag less relevant.It would sell like crazy..Im waiting!