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The YouTube videos of self-proclaimed “airgun turkey hunter” Glenn Elliott of Davis, California caught the eye of Crosman Prostaffer and fellow turkey hunting addict Jason Douglas for his sheer enthusiasm for the hunt. “When I first saw him I thought he was a nut but the guy just loves to hunt turkeys with an airgun. After visiting with him, he really knows his way around them too,” said Douglas.

Glenn was having great success on the farms of family and friends using an old, out-of-production Crosman break barrel. Jason reached out to him and asked if he’d be interested in trying out a prototype of a new break barrel powerplant, the Nitro Piston 2. It didn’t take much coaxing, Glenn was certainly up to try anything and extended an invitation to Jason to come to California for the spring opener.

Jason showed up with a prototype Benjamin Trail and Glenn quickly put a custom NITRO PISTON 2 decal on the side. After the first week of hunting the prototype stock developed a crack and rather than return it to the factory, Glenn opted to continue hunting and put a bit of reinforcing tape on the stock. This turned out to be the right choice, as Glenn subsequently went out and shot the largest turkey of his career.

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5 Responses

  1. gabe

    Wow… kills at 14 and 4 yards respectively… not a good way to present this to the hunting public… when we expect accuracy, it matters at longer than crosman 760 ranges… and seen the potential this gun has it seems wasted at that range… no offence guys. an old school phantom would do the same…

    • chunnicutt

      This wasn’t a long distance contest, this was turkey hunting, something usually done with shotguns, ie. short ranges.

    • Glenn Elliott

      Just so Gabe knows I was hitting dime size targets out to 40 yards no problem with the NP2 the very first day I sighted it in. When I turkey hunt I want the bird right up in my face because for me it is that much more exciting and much more challenging than to try to shoot them way out there. Plus as any good hunter knows the closer the quarry the better the chances are for success. You are aiming at a tennis ball size target that is also moving unless they are in full strut standing still but that usually only happens when they are on top of your decoys so going for long range shots is not recommended. However Gabe will not be disappointed in the long range capability of this new gun. It has a much flatter trajectory than the old Nitro Piston meaning less holdover on longer range shots. Sight your gun in at 15 yards dead on then just get a good range finder and Map your gun’s trajectory out every 5 yards to as far as you want and you are ready for the hunt. Just don’t forget your range finder for the hunt and keep your gun’s trajectory map handy. I like to tape mine to the stock under the end of the scope so it is right in front of me when I need it. I have taken rabbits out to 75 yards with my original Nitro Piston so I know this gun is capable of that and more. Good luck on your hunt.

  2. Sonic

    Great to see such enthusiasm for the hunt. Looking forward to the NP2 up here in Canada.

  3. David

    I just pre ordered the New Nitro Piston 2, in 22 caliber with the camo stock.FromPyramyd Air .
    .Can’t wait until I get it. David