Image credit: FOX News

One of the hottest stories over the past week was that of a California woman confronted burglars escaping from police who were called to her neighborhood for allegedly robbing another home. The woman, Marilyn Williams, is noted as having earned a sharpshooter medal as a high school ROTC member.


FOX News aired the story on Saturday, October 24, with Ms. Williams holding the gun used in the defense of her home: a Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle. The story was so popular with viewers that Ms. Williams was featured in studio on Sunday morning’s FOX & Friends being interviewed by Tucker Carlson and Peter Doocy.

“While we don’t recommend an airgun for home defense, in the hands of a capable shooter like Ms. Williams, it can be intimidating,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Marketing Manager for Crosman. The Marauder is a precharged pneumatic popular for target shooting, competition and hunting. “The .25 caliber Marauder is popular for hunting small game, coyotes and hogs,” added Hunnicutt. The Marauder has won Reader’s Choice Awards for the past three years from Predator Xtreme magazine and is the current favorite airgun among Game & Fish Magazine readers.

The latest generation Marauder is available in three calibers and wood or synthetic stocks.

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