It is a tradition each year at the Shot Show we present an award to an individual whose commitment to excellence in youth shooter education and dedication to a lifetime of safe shooting has enhanced the future of the sport. The Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award has become something we are proud to sponsor and fills a valuable roll in raising awareness of those who are helping to develop the next generation of shooters.


Candidates for this year’s Award included many outstanding shooting supporters from a variety of groups, all dedicated to recruiting and retaining young shooters. Sabo was one of three finalists chosen from among a broad group of qualified candidates by a committee of his peers. Other 2008 finalists included Lester Greevy and Kenyon Simpson. 


According to Ken D’Arcy, Crosman Corporation president and CEO, Dr. Kenneth Sabo has touched the lives of more young shooters, particularly in the 4H Clubs of America, than almost any person involved in shooter education today.

“The key to growing our sport and maintaining it as a vital element in recreation is recruiting and motivating new blood. 

In shooting, young people are our future. We must all be mindful of the fact that a sport that’s not growing is in danger of regressing. Keeping the pipeline full must be a high priority for everyone involved in building both the industry and the sport. 

Dr. Kenneth Sabo has been preparing young people for a lifetime of safe, enjoyable shooting for more than three decades. He has created programs, helped to train instructors and coaches and architected fundraising to support the sport. Dr. Sabo is a professional educator with a passion for shooting. There are few people involved in our sport today who have made as significant an impact on its future. He is a most deserving recipient of the 2008 Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award.”

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  1. Tim Barnard

    I”m interested in introducing my son to airgun target shooting but he’s only 11. He’s a very responsible child but is it too early? If not, what type of airgun and targets should I start with?
    Thanks Tim