Here’s another look at the Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol coming in November. ¬†Weighing just 2.7lbs and shooting velocities up to 700fps, this .22 caliber PCP pistol has been one of the most anticipated guns of the year. ¬†The first 100 will be sold exclusively on so stay tuned to learn when they’ll go on sale.

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  1. crowpopper

    Man that sounds very quiet. Im going to have to save my pennies again. Nice job Crosman.

  2. Harvey Gold

    I would like to be put on the list for one of first 100 marauder pistols sold. Let me know.

    My email is [edit] or call me at [edit].

    I have been waiting patiently.

    Thanks, Harvey

    • Chip

      An annoucnement will be sent to those who have requested to be notified on the Marauder pistol product page as well as through our various social outlets (Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc.). A countdown will appear on the product page about a week in advance. The first 100 will be on a first come, first serve basis.

  3. Nasar


    I would like to be put on the list for one of first 100 marauder pistols sold.

    Thank you,

  4. JOHN

    I JUST PURCHASED THE MARAUDER 22 RIFLE, AND COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED WITH IT. For the money , their any many to choose from but not with the feel, craftsmanship and DEAD ON SHOOTING as this rifle. I am sure the gun will be the same, looking forward to getting my hands on one. I finished shooting four rounds of 10 (all within a dime to quarter group, I am NOT a marksman by a long shot, now things can change)today after getting my new air tanks and fill station purchased HP hose, new tank & regulator $ 200 works fantastic. PCP is where the future of Shooting will be! “BENJAMIN MARAUDER IS A DEAD ON TARGET”

    Crosman is now in a new league the other manufactures will need to follow.

    Job well done for a USA gun MFG.

    John H

  5. Ronn

    Yes this does look like a nice pistol, but a! In NY the law requires that our pellets must travel at 800fps or better. Now a Evanix Pistol will do this easily, but it is rather loud and this pistol is quiet , but not enough power. I really wish that Crosman had taken a little more time and thought about things like this especially since they are located in NY. I have their 22cal Marauder Rifle and it is quick and quiet I love the accuracy and wish that all of these traits were transferred over to their pistols. Unfortunately when it comes to price per performance the Korean manufactures have everyone beat.

  6. Alan

    American made! Way to go! Cant wait to get one! Wish you would sell to Illinois. Its not against the law, to sell to a FOID dealer in Illinois, then transfer to the owner!