Game Face Airsoft, a division of Crosman Corporation, worldwide supplier and manufacturer of products for the shooting sports, has added five new, high quality airsoft long guns for 2012.  The new, tactical airsoft guns include two spring powered shotguns and three new AEG combat rifles. Each is designed to enhance airsoft scenario play with attributes to complement individual shooter’s styles.

According to Game Face Airsoft product manager, Flemming Molin, “Each new model is skirmish-ready and provides authenticity for force-on-force education and training scenarios.  “Game Face Airsoft is all about realism and fun.  These five new models have features that appeal to a wide range of shooters, depending on their taste in skirmish play.  Everything from a sniper-style long gun, to beat your competition from longer distances, to a tactical AEG, with a large magazine so you can stay in the game longer, is included in this array of new fun for 2012,” he said.

The GF460 is a full-scale electronic, full or semi-automatic combat assault rifle, featuring a full-length, quad-rail interface system (RIS) that provides multiple options for accessories such as optics, flashlights or handles. “The polymer frame is strong enough to take the abuse of any skirmish, but lightweight enough to avoid fatigue,” said Molin.  The full-metal gearbox and high torque motor provide up to 700 rounds per minute at velocities up to 400 feet per second (fps) using .20g BBs.  The GF460 is equipped with front post and adjustable, rear sights.  It’s sold with a battery, charger and high capacity magazine, and carries an MSRP of $400.00.

The M4S is a full or semi-automatic M4/A3-style carbine AEG.  The handle can be removed for mounting additional accessories or optics.  With a capacity of up to 700 rounds per minute and velocities of up to 400 fps using .20g ammo, “it provides plenty of firepower to maximize your skirmish,” Molin said.  The M4S offers a reinforced, version 2 style metal gearbox with metal gears, and a metal barrel.  It also features a retractable stock and convenient sling mounts.  “The comfortable pistol grip, adjustable hop-up and adjustable front and rear sights make it a great addition to your arsenal,” he said.  The new M4S carries an MSRP of $245.50.

The Game Face M4CQB is a full or semi-automatic M4-style close-quarters-combat AEG rifle. “The options of full or semi-auto firing modes allow you to choose your shots carefully or go in blazing.  Its compact size is ideal for situations where larger rifles might be too cumbersome,” commented Molin.  The M4CQB features a glass filled, nylon receiver, and a metal gear box and gears.  The cast metal barrel gives the gun a realistic weight and feel and the three-position, collapsible/retractable stock is handy in the field. With its quad-rail RIS, you can customize the M4CQB with your favorite accessories.  It holds up to 300 rounds in the high capacity magazine and shoots at velocities up to 400 fps using .20g BBs.  The M4CQB has flip-up front and rear post sights, an adjustable hop-up, and includes a battery and charger.  It carries an MSRP of $245.50 and will be available in the summer.

The Game Face Sharpshooter sniper rifle is a spring-powered, bolt action, single-shot rifle, with a one-piece, precision metal barrel, “designed to keep your opponent at a distance,” said Molin.  It features muzzle velocities of up to 400 fps with .20g ammo, a 26 round magazine, adjustable hop-up and a spring-operated speed loader.  “Its accessory rails, thumb-hole stock and fully adjustable cheek and butt plate make it the ultimate in customized airsoft sniper shooting,” he stated.  The new Sharpshooter carries an MSRP of $196.00.

The Game Face Triple Threat spring-powered, multi-shot pump shotgun with non-slip, rubberized retractable flex stock and pistol grip, is designed with an all ABS body and metal barrel for accurate shooting. The Triple Threat shoots three BBs per shot at velocities of up to 350 fps with .20g BBs.  It comes with two realistic shotgun shell magazines, each holding 30 BBs. This pump shotgun features a backup magazine compartment in the grip, an accessory rail, and carries an MSRP of $141.00.