ROCHESTER, New York, (January 15, 2013) –Game Face Airsoft, a division of Crosman Corporation, worldwide supplier and manufacturer of products for the shooting sports, today introduced the new Game Face Airsoft Sharpshooter rifle, a new spring-powered, single-shot airsoft rifle, and new Sharpshooter ammo. Both are designed for long range airsoft targets.
According to Crosman President and CEO, Phil Dolci, “Game Face Airsoft is all about realistic gaming fun. Our new Game Face Airsoft Sharpshooter additions give your team real advantages in longer distance scenario environments.”

The Game Face Sharpshooter is a spring-powered, bolt action, single-shot long gun, with a one-piece, precision metal barrel “intended to keep your opponent at a distance,” said Dolci. “It features muzzle velocities of up to 400 fps, a 26-round magazine, adjustable hop-up and a spring-operated speed loader. The Picatinny accessory rails, thumb-hole stock, detachable sling and fully adjustable cheek piece make it the ultimate in customized airsoft sniper shooting,” he said. The new Sharpshooter rifle carries an MSRP of $150.

Sharpshooter BBs are the heaviest airsoft BBs in the Game Face Airsoft munitions depot. The .36g BBs are green and the black BBs weigh in at .43g. “These high-precision, ultra-heavyweight BBs are built for sniper players and are best suited for use in premium AEGs and sniper-style rifles such as the new Game Face Sharpshooter,” said Dolci. “The smooth surface and weight of these BBs, make them exceptionally accurate and ideal for your airsoft target shooting needs,” he said. Sharpshooter ammo carries an MSRP of $24.99 for a 2,000 count bottle.

“Win your game from longer distances and add realism and excitement with the new Game Face Airsoft Sharpshooter rifle and ammo,” adds Dolci. Both are currently available at retail.