Here’s a guide to getting the most out of your airsofting this year:

  1. Have fun! This is the most important rule and while you are having fun yourself, make sure that what you are doing isn’t ruining another person’s fun.
  2. Call your hits. Even if you *think* you got shot call your hit. What’s worse: getting kicked off the field and looking silly or calmly going back to spawn and getting back in the action.
  3. Lead by example. There are a lot of younger kids out there playing and you may not know it, but they look up to you even if it’s your first time.
  4. Don’t criticize another player’s loadout. They have their gear because it suits THEIR style of play not yours. If a player wants to use a certain gun let him.
  5. Respect admin decisions. Sometimes admin’s can be unfair but they have the final word over what goes on in the field and are looking out for player safety and making sure everyone is playing fair. If you were disqualified for not calling hits its probably because it has happened multiple times and players are complaining.
  6. Respect other players. If you show respect often enough it is returned and yup, there may be some smack talk between teams and it should be left on the field, but once you’re off the field keep things polite, professional, and friendly.
  7. Got a question about another player’s gear don’t be afraid to ask. Most players are more than happy to talk about their gear, and where they got it. There is a sense of pride that each player carries with their gear and being able to talk about it makes for some great conversation.
  8. Don’t camp the spawns. Getting kills is fun but how would you feel if you can’t get out of spawn? Every time when more than one teammate gets near the spawn issue a retreat and let your opponents get a foothold so more competitive firefights can occur.
  9. Don’t be that guy. Every field usually has “that” guy, the guy that cranks his FPS/ROF up between matches, the guy that argues whether or not he got shot, the guy that yells orders but doesn’t do anything else, the guy that argues with admins etc. etc. etc. Just don’t be that guy.

Some additional tidbits to keep in mind:

  • If you ask to hold someone’s gun, don’t take it as an invitation to pass it around.
  • If someone gets the drop on you and asks you to surrender, take it even if the field doesn’t require it. They’re doing it so they don’t have to shoot you point-blank. (Don’t abuse the surrender rule! Actually have someone dead-to-rights.)
  • See a lot of new players on a team and your team has a lot of experienced players? Mix it up and help out the new guys.
  • Bag your gun before and after you play. Despite your best intentions, walking around with a realistic gun may make others uncomfortable, bring you undue attention and may attract law enforcement who won’t know what you have is a legal, non-lethal product. Putting it in a case is a preventative that also keeps it safe from damage.

This post originally appeared on Reddit by SuperHighDeas. Have your own tip? Let us know in the Comments.