This guest post was submitted by Lori Gill, mother of Maneva Gill. Maneva was featured on Croswords in August 2010 following a very successful summer with the Crosman Challenger.

After a very successful year in the shooting sports in 2010, Maneva Gill set some goals for herself to chase after for the 2011 shooting season.  She has been very focused on her training, finding a balance between school and social activities.  Shooting is always a challenge, but she manages to rise to the occasion while maintaing an A average on her report cards.   Maneva has reached many of those goals so far this year:

  • In 2010, Maneva came in 3rd place for a bronze medal in the Junior US Army Open Championship Match, and set a goal for herself to win 1st place and taking the gold medal…this year she achieved that goal!
  • In 2010, Maneva placed 26th in the nation in the American Legion Junior Championship Match qualifying round, which was not high enough placement to receive an invite to participate in their national match, as they only invite the the top 15 junior shooters in the nation, so she set the goal of being in the top 15 and qualifying this year.  Maneva reached that goal in 2011 by placing 4th in the nation and receiving an invite to their national match in Colorado Springs this August, taking place at the Olympic Training Center!
  • In 2010, Maneva shot in the California State Bear Match but didn’t win the trophy; she set a goal to win that trophy this year and succeeded!
  • Maneva was unaware of NRA Sectional matches as of 2010, but once she learned of them, she set a goal to participate and do her personal best.  On March 5th, 2011 she won a gold medal and broke 4 national records in the process! (The records she broke were for prone, standing, kneeling, and aggregate for sporter class in this match.)
  • Maneva shot the NRA International Air Rifle Match, the first time it’s been available for sporter class, and won 1st place for California.  This match is a 40 round standing match, and she shot it immediately after completing her 60 round 3 position NRA Sectional Match.  The results for where she placed nationally with her score (347 out of 400) have not been posted yet.
  • In 2010, Maneva won 1st place in California for a gold medal in the Junior Olympic State Championship Match, and shot high enough to receive an invite to go to their national match.  She set a goal of repeating that status and achieved it by winning the gold medal for 1st place and has an invite to the national match in Camp Perry this year!

Maneva’s focus, determination, dedication, and enthusiasm have helped her to achieve the goals she set for herself for the 2011 shooting season.  Additionally, having the opportunity to be under the watchful eye of Coach David Lee at the Pacific Rod & Gun Club’s Lake Merced range has provided her the confidence and skills to achieve her goals.  She still has a few more on her list this year for the NRA Junior Championship National Match, the Junior Olympic National Championship Match, and The American Legion National Championship Match:  to win 1st place overall at these national matches and take the gold medal home!

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Received from Maneva Gill’s mother:

I just received a phone call last night that I thought you might find interesting.  The match director for the 2011 NRA Sectionals held in Sutter, Ca. phoned us last night to inform us that the NRA had finally posted the results from the Sectionals, both 3 position & International.  (NRA Sectionals are a national competition held state by state, then results compiled for the national titles.)  He led me through the NRA website maze over the phone, and there was Maneva’s name at the top–she won the 3 Position OVERALL and now has that national title!  We knew she had won a gold medal, and broke 4 national records in the 3P match for the state leg of it, and sort of assumed that she had won it all, but now it’s a reality.  For her International (standing) she took the bronze for a 3rd place in the nation…not too shabby, and this was the first year that the NRA opened up the Internaitonal for the sporter class.

Now here’s the part I think you’ll like; as Mr. Jaynes and I spoke, he told me that he had just bought 4 Crosman Challengers for his team!  Then he said that one of his shooters shot a 540 right off the bat with it, and he seemed really excited about that, so that must be a higher than normal for her.  He will be in Ohio @ Camp Perry for the nationals later this month, and there will be 4 more Challengers on the line!  I have a feeling that the more people who read the results of Maneva’s shooting, the more Challengers we will be seeing at competitions.  It really is a GREAT rifle!

As Mike was saying, Maneva has shot over 25,000 rounds through her Challenger, and it has been virtually maintainence free, being cleaned initially upon receiving it, and another time around 5000 rounds because it gunked up during pellet testing.  Total parts used; 1 cocking bolt (operator error–Maneva wasn’t pulling it straight back), 1 bent hammer pin (operator error ” “),1 broken sear (operator error during degasing, checked bore-didn’t release trigger), 1 probe ‘O’ ring (normal wear), 1 hammer spring (operator error-cranked it all the way tight and spring died).  This Challenger just keeps on going, if you don’t make mistakes!!

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  1. Peggy & Ed Gibson

    Oh how proud you have made your Grandmother. (Doni) I hope if I ever get a granddaughter she is as sharp as you are. We send our best wishes to you as you rise to the top.

    Ed and Peggy

  2. Mark


    Your Aunt has been keeping me informed about your dedication and your great Shooting. You have proved how hard work pays off, both in school and your shooting.

    Congrats from Mark in Portland Oregon