The tents are up, kitchens are churning out meals and the 2010 National Scout Jamboree celebrating 100 years of scouting has roared to life in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia. Crosman is there, providing one million pellets and thousands of RepeatAir 1077 and NightStalker rifles, CO2 and safety glasses for an expected 75,000 shooters.

Among the events Crosman helps to make happen is the Bikeathlon, arguably the most popular event at the Jamboree.  There are four Crosman Bikeathlon courses, one per compound, and Scouts enjoy the competition with each other as much as beating their personal best.  As we covered last week in Part I of the Crosman and Boy Scouts of America series, the Bikeathlon is a timed event with deductions based on their performance at shooting stations along the course.  Pedal hard and fast but blow the shooting because you’re breathing too hard? Try again at a manageable pace so you can make those crucial shots and post a good time.  It’s strategy, skill and patience across two disciplines that make the Crosman Bikeathlon a favorite at the Jamboree.

This year the older members of scouting, the Venturers, will be doing some spelunking with the Crosman Nightstalker.  On a course built by artisans straight from Disney, Scouts will be using nightvision goggles and the Nightstalker to track down baddies in cave simulation.

Congratulations to Boy Scouts of America for 100 years of scouting.  We at Crosman look forward to continuing the shooting tradition for the next 100!