Benjamin Prostaffer Jim Chapman heads to Kansas with the Marauder .25cal PCP rifle and that means trouble for prairie dogs. To learn more about hunting with airguns, visit Benjamin Hunting.

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  1. Chip @ Crosman


    Jim is using a Power Class scope from CenterPoint that features an adjustment knob for determining approximate distance: by turning the knob until the image becomes clear, the shooter can then look at the distance mark on the knob and know where to hold on the target.

  2. dean moser

    hello jim
    i’m thinkin of gettin a 25 cal marauder…and i am really counting on you to be honest here…tell me about your scope mounts and scope…are they good…are they worth the money…is the rifle a good choice…( i all ready have a .22 cal AA s410xtra fac which i really like…and i am probably mentally using as a baseline)…also i’m very interested in the buddy bottle…tell me about your choice in the buddy bottle…i allready have a 4500 psi scuba tank…but need the buddy bottle…accuracy tell me about the accuracy of the .25 cal….sorry for being a pain in the butt…but i’m ready to pull the trgger on the Marauder .25 cal pcp… the more info i can get the better…thank you very much Mr. Chapman…i really appreciate you taking the time for me.