The Crosman Challenger sporter class air rifle continues to impress coaches across the country.  Lt Col Roger D. Angel is the coach for Fern Creek High School in Louisville and said, “It’s a great piece of gear and the kids love it.”

“The Fern Creek MCJROTC Tiger Rifle Sporter Team received its first Crosman Challenger Model CH2009S Air Rifle in March of 2013.  The cadets were amazed at the ease of transition to the new rifle.  The ability to adapt the rifle to the individual shooter coupled with the increased accuracy and reliability immediately improved the overall scores of our shooters. The cadets quickly became comfortable with the available adjustments and were able to focus more on improving technique then worrying over the rifle configuration.  The natural balance of the rifle required fewer adjustments and reduced shooter fatigue in the standing position.

After a whole season of firing including summer camp; the rifle proved 100 percent reliable and malfunction free.  An experienced individual shooter tracked during this period increased her average on a 3X10 score by 24 points (10%).  The entire team is eagerly anticipating receiving more Crosman Challenger Rifles this year.”

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  1. Luke Wellington

    My school uses the same rifles, i just wish they where a little easier to load.