You’ve seen and read the reviews.

We’ve teased you for months.

It’s time.

It’s here.

The Marauder PCP Pistol – be one of the First 100 to own it, only at

UPDATE, 11/19/10 Sold out in 30 minutes, thanks and congratulations to our customers who purchased one (or two)! ¬†We’ll be back next month with the final 25 so follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the news early.

10 Responses

  1. john

    Thanks for the heads up, i own the marauder 177 and 22 rifle, great guns. i might buy the pistol looks great, but having that (guy) shoot a bird for what? is he going to eat it, i doubt it, if he wants to be a big man and shoot something tell him to over to Afghanistan or Iraq or Nam like i did (edited by Crosman)

    • Chip @ Crosman

      Pigeons are pests on farms so this was a case of pest control with the permission of the property owner. Oh, and the shooter did serve. In Iraq. Twice.

  2. Grady Rapier

    Hello Crosman friends. I would like to buy one of the new marauder pistols. If this is a drawing please enter me a million times. If this is an order line please consider this a purchase. Please call me at ###-###-#### and I’ll provide the payment details. Thanks, Grady ps first try didn’t work so this is try (edited by Crosman).

  3. Paul Hester

    I want one of the first 100, plus a hand pump.
    (contact info removed by Crosman)

    My word is my bond. I can’t leave my credit card number here, as it is not a secure site. I don’t know how you are working this sale. We are hours apart. You can call me. I’ll try to call you, though I’m disabled and getting up and ready to call that early is hard; yet i can receive calls that early. Let me know! Yahoo!

  4. Alex

    I don’t think i’m gonna get one. $450.00 just to say you were one of the first to get it, nah. will it really do 700fps. It’s highly unlikely and they probablly tested with PBA ammo under perfect conditions. I get 830fps from my 2240 with the HiPAC addition for alot less $$$$. It is a beautiful peice though. Looks just like a mini M’rod. OOPS, i gave away the secret.

  5. Duke

    Nice gun with a “go-to” look about it. I’m sure we’ll have more data on the fps/fpe from other shooters but the initial test on the american airgun hunter blog seemed disappointing. The gun was advertised at 700 fps but it seemed that the gun did not perform anywhere close to 700 fps…seemed to balance around high 500’s to low 600s. My modded 2240 does this on the chrony. I was hoping for more. Anyway, we’ll see.

  6. Murphy

    I would like to know why that in a recession you would limit production on this gun?Come on guys lets put the hit on this recession and sell some American product.When I am notified I will do my part and buy AMERICAN!