Dutch shooting the Marauder Pistol during the 2010 AAFTA Nationals

Brian “Dutch” Lipsmire had put in his hours practicing for the 2011 American Airgun Field Target Association’s (AAFTA) U.S. Championship and was satisfied his Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol was up to the task. “Then my dog came along and knocked the table, sending the gun to the floor”, said Dutch, the self-proclaimed “shootin’ist sumbuck you ever seen”.  The barrel shroud got a ding, he swapped it out with a borrowed one and off he went to Pulaski, Tennessee for the competition.

AAFTA is the U.S.-governing body for field target competition.  Along with establishing rules for competition, the organization determines who will represent the United States at the World Championships.  The U.S. Nationals is awarded annually to a field target club that has proven they can host a weekend-long event.  This year the Good Ol’ Boys of Tennessee welcomed 79 shooters competing in WFTF, Hunter, Pistol, Piston and PCP divisions.

With the new shroud in place, Dutch was at the practice range when he was approached by an AAFTA representative about the vertical foregrip on his pistol.  Dutch swept the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship with the same pistol and the foregrip, or “broom handle”, got a lot of attention.  Minutes before the match, Dutch was informed he could not compete with the broom handle and subsequently removed it.  “I improvised and taped a legal versapod mount.  Funny thing, it worked even better,” he said.  The result:  Dutch knocked down 36 of 42 targets, putting him in a three-way shootoff in which he won in two rounds.

“It is rewarding to shoot an all stock American gun and with American made pellets and beat the higher end airpistols shooting foreign made pellets.  Winning isn’t really an equipment race for PFT thanks to Crosman.”

When the smoke cleared, Crosman and Benjamin had a strong showing at the AAFTA Nationals:  the prototype Marauder Match Pistol placed 1st, 8th and 9th in Pistol (Scoped) Division while a stock Marauder Pistol placed 3rd, 19th and 20th; four other Crosman pistols including a 2240, 1701P and 2300 also placed, including taking 1st in Pistol (Iron/Red Dot).  Team Crosman’s Ray Apelles placed 6th in the WFTF Division with his Benjamin Marauder Hybrid and Dan Finney won the Hunter Division with a Marauder.


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  1. Lamar Grimsley

    Congratulations to Dutch!  many times over…The Marauder just keeps on proving itself, both pistol and rifle…Good write Chip…enjoyed it much.