When Brian Lipsmire pulled into the parking lot at the AAFTA Nationals competition in Maryland, he had high hopes to take home a trophy.

Thanks to Crosman, he did exactly that.

Brian was registered to compete in the PCP class and had a great weekend but fell short of the top four winners.  Fortunately the Scoped Pistol competition was not full and he could register to compete on the spot. Thing is, he did not bring a pistol with him from Springfield, Illinois.  As it turns out, Crosman was there with a couple of prototype Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistols as demos for anyone interested in trying them before they become available next month.  They were set up with CenterPoint scopes and ready to go so Crosman Prostaffer Ed Schultz offered to loan one to Brian for the AAFTA competition.

These pistols were developed with the hunter in mind and as Brian went on to prove, are also ideal for field target shooting.  Another competitor, Rick McAllister, made the savvy observation that with the included shoulder stock, “you could shoot the same gun in both the rifle and pistol classes just by changing the stock”.

It’s a great bridge from an investment point of view for field target shooting, plus it has a lot of functionality.  I think it is a go-to gun, something I would grab to go shooting on a Sunday afternoon around my home but I could also shoot a field target match with it.

So how did Brian do with the loaner Marauder Pistol?  Good enough for second place, just one point behind Crosman’s own Ray Apelles of The “A” Team.

“I am so appreciative of Ed and Crosman for letting me use the Marauder Pistol,” said Brian.  “I’ve shot air guns since I was a kid, literally destroying guns because I shot them so much.  I was confident I could perform well and the Marauder Pistol gave me even more confidence.  What a great trigger!  Thank you Crosman!”

In recognition of Brian’s performance at the AAFTA Nationals with the Benjamin Marauder Pistol, we thought it fitting that he take home some additional hardware:  we’ll be sending Brian a new pistol when they start rolling off the line next month.

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