Marauder PCP Pistols have begun arriving on the doorsteps of customers across the country! The first 100 pistols are being sold exclusively on and the initial 75 became available on November 19.

Pistols serialized with numbers 76-100 will be made available in the middle of December.

The video above hit YouTube shortly after UPS dropped off a pistol with this happy customer.

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  1. Jeff

    My Marauder arrived on 12-1-2010

    I must say I am more than pleased with it. As a former police officer, I once carried a Colt Python. Pythons were known for their most excellent triggers. I have to say, the trigger on the Marauder, reminds me of my Python. It is absolutely smooth and light. I’m glad we as end users can adjust the trigger, but as of this writing, I see no need to do so.

    Accuracy is amazing. This is not a rifle, but it sure acts like it! Groups inside a Quarter size target at 40 yards are no problem. So far I have only used Crosman Premium hollow points and have had excellent results.

    The Marauder is a version 1.0, so here is my observations.

    – On my first day of ownership, I managed to load the breach and then forget it was loaded and then sent another round into the breach. I had to use a brass rod to remove both rounds, rather than risk damage to the gun by just firing it and hoping for the best. There is no way of knowing if the breach is loaded.

    – The stock grips are fine, but for me, with a large hand (I’m 6’1″) I could have used a “fatter” grip. I expect an aftermarket of custom grips to appear soon.

    – My vote is for a standard Weaver rail, rather than the 3/8″ “airgun” ramp I had to deal with when I received the Marauder. This gravely limits my choice of optics. I currently have a 4X Winchester “BB Gun” scope on it. The only Red Dot sight I know that will fit is one from BSA. It has Red, Blue and Green dots and costs about $40.00. Perhaps future models will have a full size Weaver or a Picatinny rail.

    Best Regards
    Jeff R.
    Anaheim California
    Proud owner of Marauder #43

  2. Jeff

    A follow up to my previous post. I own a Crosman GT Nitro rifle. This is the one that you won’t find on the Crosman web site. This model is the one you will find at Wal Mart for around $150.00. I mounted the Adventure Class 3-9x50mm scope on it, only after buying new rings to accept the scope. It has a 2 stage, long pull trigger that I really had a problem with in the beginning. After about 100 shots, I “understood” the trigger. This rifle is very accurate and I love the scope with RGB cross hairs. Enough said, this post is about the scope and not the rifle.

    I wanted to mount this same scope on the Marauder. The rings that came with the scope would not work, they were Weaver type and not tall enough to clear the magazine. As I mentioned in my pervious post, I had bought a Winchester 4x air rifle scope and it worked perfectly on the Marauder. I really had no complaints except I really wanted my Marauder and my Nitro to have the same optics, so I removed the 4x scope and used the rings to mount the Center Point scope. Now things are as good as it gets. With the Marauder, I can maintain Quarter sized groups at 40 yards all day long.

    As for charging the Marauder, I purchased a 17 cubic foot, SCUBA “Pony Tank” and had it filled to 3,000 psi. This is not a full sized tank. It’s small enough to fit in a back pack and that makes it very user friendly. I also use 20oz C02 tanks to fill the Marauder. The C02 seems to allow for more shots, before a refill and the accuracy seems to be better. I would surly use C02 for competitive shooting.

    A couple days ago, I showed my Marauder to a street cop I know. He asked me about the price and when I told him, he said, “you should have bought a real gun”. I have real guns. This guy just failed to understand how exceptional the Marauder is.

    You won’t be disappointed.

    Jeff R
    Marauder #43