Jim Chapman with Marauder

Avid hunter and columnist Jim Chapman has been shooting a prototype Marauder and he’s posted his first impressions on his site. The article includes shot strings, groups, velocities and a whole lot more. If you’re looking for more information on the Marauder by an experienced shooter, give this article a read. Here’s a link to the full article

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  1. Scott

    Some seem to think it looks too much like the discontinued Theoben E-Type w/ the series 4 trigger. Did Crosman buy the rights to this gun? After doing some research it does look very much like it.


  2. Keith

    I think it looks more like the AA 400 than a Rapid.

  3. Paul

    The layout looks like the Daystate X2, but the trigger and pellet cartridge look like the Theoben Rapid. And this is not a bad deal! The gun looks great.

  4. David

    Nice review, except for the last line, which should be deleted. It seems apparent the Marauder is a step up from the Discovery in several key areas. Kudos to the Crossman development team. Finally (after how many decades?) someone made some right decisions.

    My suggestion to Crossman are: 1) make your name markekting less obtrusive – put Benjamin Marauder names in black rather than white; remove the large ugly “Benjamin” from the stock & personally I think the “B” is unnecessary as well; most people will not know what it means & you’ve got the name already on the receiver. People who like fine guns don’t want to be a walking billboard, but if someone handles the gun, they’ll definitely know who made it from the name on the receiver. Achieve person to person marketing by customer satisfaction not “billboarding” on the product.

    2) Make a carbine version 3) make it in .25 caliber as a lot of us are using airguns now for larger game. In fact, why not use the Marauder as a stepping point to go after the huge potential in big bore airguns with even larger caliber and power (keep in mind we only need a few shots)? This is a market that exists right now, but it can be developed far beyond what it currently is.

  5. Gene_SC

    The Marauder is one very sweet PCP. The balance is great and the overall fit and finish is fantastic and the accuracy will match any Euro PCP under the $1000.00 mark and maybe some of the more expensive models.

    One thing that stands out the most is that Crosman has introduced two affordable PCP models to the air gun community at an affordable price. And still maintained great quality control in its efforts. The Marauder is one great PCP. Anyone getting into the PCP end of air gunning, check out this affordable PCP. Crosman makes it and Cosman has great customer service.


    The Marauder in .22 caliber is my first PCP air gun. What a great gun!! After putting up with the fussiness of a spring air rifle, this is a joy. Although it shoots many different pellets well, it’s favorite is the Crosman Premier Domed in 14.3g.. Among all it’s good points are “Made in U.S.A.”, made by Crosman making ALL parts available to the gun owners at a reasonable price. Also, the customer service of Crosman, the people that work there make it a pleasure to do business with. Hope Crosman continues making guns at home and maybe entertain the thought of making a .25 caliber with the Marauder. Good luck in the future.

  7. Rick Horgan

    While I am by no means a professional, I must say that the Marauder .177 is one phenomenal air rifle!!!!

    I was using a Crosman XT Storm break neck air rifle to control house sparrow pests that were harrassing my Purple Martins. No matter how much I adjusted the rifle/scope combination, I was only successful in eliminating these pests aprox 35% of the time at 30 yards. ( I am an amateur remember 🙂 I grew very annoyed at doing more damage to my birdhouse then to the pests I was trying to eliminate.

    After much research ( I decide to get serious) I purchased a Marauder .177 with a centerpoint 8-32X56 scope and I received my rifle 2 weeks ago. I took the opportunity to read the most informative blog posted on the test results and decided I would use the gun in default mode with 850 fps and 2500 psi meeting my needs. Once I sited the rifle, I was totally blown away with the difference between this rifle and the break neck I was using like comparing a Mercedes and a KIA. Not only is this rifle extremely accurrate ( I am now shooting at 85% as opposed to 35%), but it is so quiet I can not believe it actually discharges.

    All in all a great rifle I would highly recommend. I do have a few observations:

    1. Please make sure you take the opportunity to purchase a high quality scope to maximize this high quality gun…don’t scrimp!

    2. Ensure you order the correct high mounts, either 1″ or 30mm based on the scope you order

    3. Give up your gym membership as the effort to pump up this rifle even to 2500 psii will give you all the work out you need 🙂

    4. Take the time to watch the video on how to load the 10 shot clip. It is confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty cool.

    5. Crosman should make it more clear in it’s literature that you need to order your own scope, mounts and pump. While this might be obvious to some it is not made clear in the advertising.

    Best of luck!

  8. louis

    hello this is louis from ny. i think the marauder is so accurate it seconds only to my talon ss and condor. out the box 5 shots later i was bored seeing the same whole shot after shot(bulls eyes). this rifle is beyond varmint hunting….use a powerful scope for the Marauder it begs for long distance shooting……just love it….

  9. Lee Harris

    Has Crosman improved the trigger assembly as I have read it was made of pot metal and subject to failure. Also the bolt was poorly staked and in some instances the bolt handle pulled away from the bolt. I wonder if there has been any corrective action by Crossman? Many thanks, looks like a great gun from the overall comments I have read.

  10. Justin

    This sucks i just got my disco lol… i think i will hold off on the maruder i cant wait to see what crossman comes up with next considering this gun is great and i love my disco.

  11. Cornelius Sloot

    Greetings from Suriname : Combination , Marauder25cal. Centerpoint 4x16x40 Aventure class. For my the best deal for price and quality . Exelent for small hunting up to 75meters, very acurat , low noise. All Oposums over here have to know , this is a no nonsens machine.

  12. Cornelius Sloot

    Greetings from Suriname : Combination , Marauder25cal. Centerpoint 4x16x40 Aventure class. For my the best deal for price and quality . Exelent for small hunting up to 75meters, very acurat , low noise. All Oposums over here have to know , this is a no nonsens machine.