Mike Rowe gets it. If you don’t know him, come on out into the sunlight and take in this breath of fresh air known for his down-to-earth opinions he shares online, his former Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs” and the current host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” on CNN. And he’s the founder of the Mike Rowe Works Foundation that helps folks get a trade school education to move them toward a rewarding skilled job.

He recently sat down for Lisa De Pasquale’s “De Pasquale’s Dozen” survey on TownHall.com and when the topic turned to the best present he ever received, followed by the best present he ever gave, it was a Crosman:

What’s the best present you ever received as a child?

When I was nine, I got a Crosman Arms M1 Air Rifle. It was just like the scene in “A Christmas Story,” except it was my birthday. My mother was worried I’d shoot my eye out, but my father overruled her. I’ve never felt so much excitement or anticipation as I did pulling that Crosman M1 Air Rifle from it’s long, cylindrical box and felt it’s comforting weight in my sweaty nine-year old palms. An hour later, I shot the tire swing in the back yard. The BB bounced back and hit me in the forehead, really hard. Scared the hell out me. I told my mother the red welt above my eye was a pimple.

What’s the best present you ever gave?

The day after I turned nine, I gave my little bother a Crosman Arms M1 Air Rifle. And wished him well.

Thanks Mike! Give us a call, we’d love to show you the best presents today’s kids are getting (and giving!).

Photo credit: Lisa De Pasquale. See the full article on TownHall.com.