The NEW Crosman Nitro Venom break barrels incorporate Nitro Piston technology. Airguns with this power plant produce 70% less noise than spring powered airguns. They also feature a smoother and more consistent cocking effort so that with one, simple cocking motion, follow-up shots are swift and simple. Another advantage to hunters – the Crosman Nitro Venom air rifles don’t lose velocity after being cocked for long periods of time.

Nitro Venom air rifles feature precision, rifled barrels with fluted muzzle brakes and sculpted rubber recoil pads. They come equipped with a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm precision scope and a quick-lock mounting system for quick and easy optic mounting. Available in hardwood or synthetic stock, both offer an ambidextrous, raised cheek piece and modified, beavertail forearm. The hardwood version features updated checkering on both the grip and forearm while the synthetic version has sculpted grooves on the grip and forearm.

Crosman Nitro Venom air rifles deliver serious hunting power with muzzle energy ranging from 18 to 21 fpe. Take one on a hunt to experience the power, stability and stealth of Nitro Piston technology. Available in .177 and .22.

NEW Optimus break barrel is both powerful and elegant. It features a handsome, ambidextrous hardwood stock. With a relatively light cocking force and a two-stage adjustable trigger the Optimus is built to get the job done with velocities of up to 1200 fps*. The barrel incorporates a micro- adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. If choosing the model with optics, you’ll find a CenterPoint®, 4x32mm precision scope.

Available in .177 with or without a scope, and .22 with a scope.

Trail NP all weather break barrels feature durable, all weather synthetic stocks. These rugged break barrels boast impressive muzzle and downrange energy and feature velocities of up to 1200 fps*. New for 2011 is a .177 caliber in black synthetic, and a .22 caliber camouflage version decorated in Realtree APG.

5 Responses

  1. Steve Shearer

    I like that Nitro Venom alot, The wider stock is a great idea. May I recommend that you also include the same cleverly integrated sling mounts that the Benjamin Nitro Pistons have? Also, I’d love to see all these Nitro Piston rifles available in .20 caliber as well.

  2. Nick Blonigen

    Too bad that the quoted velocities are with lightweight PBA ammo that is expensive and usually inaccurate beyond short ranges. I’d rather see real velocity numbers from lead ammo than those generated using novelty pellets.

  3. Alan

    I would also like to see some American made 20 caliber guns.A Remington NPSS and also
    a marauder would be great.Even if they are limited runs.

  4. Dutch

    Why not the maruauder trigger to the gas ram rifles…I would buy one in a heartbeat as I miss my German made HW90/Beeman RX. You put your Mrod trigger on this gun and your getting into it with the Euro gasrams with a quarter of their cost.