New Jersey is the latest state to recognize airguns as a legal manner of take for hunters, approving squirrels and rabbits for the 2013-14 season. “That should be inspiring news for young hunters and an opportunity for more “seasoned” individuals like me, who haven’t picked up a pellet gun in years, to revisit the pleasures of childhood and dust off some old memories”, said Dave Chanda, Director of the Division of Wildlife in the state’s Hunting and Trapping Digest.

New Jersey follows Alabama and Arizona with opening new opportunities for airgun hunters.

According to the new regulations, the specific species are cottontail rabbit, hare and gray squirrel. Ammunition is limited to no smaller than .177 pellet up to .22 caliber pellet.  BBs are not legal for hunting. Minimum velocity is 600 FPS. A rifle permit is not required, only a hunting license. “Modern airguns have sufficient power to take small game plus are quieter and lighter than some shotguns, making them ideal for smaller-framed hunters,” states the regulations. Additionally, airgun hunting information will be included in the shotgun hunter education course.

For more information on hunting in New Jersey, please visit them online.

Crosman maintains a chart of approved species for airgun hunting by state in Crosman University. (click for PDF)

3 Responses

  1. Dale Reeder

    Now if the Pennsylvania game commission would get smart and make air guns legal in Pa.
    to hunt small game that would be really great.

  2. Lee Brown

    Fantastic news for the folks of New Jersey, it still amazes me that this is not a rule rolled out all over the USA air rifles are a lot quieter than a shotgun they are virtually silent if you are using a pcp.

  3. Raymond Vaughn

    Add Maryland to the list of Dark Ages legislators. It is illegal in Baltimore City or Baltimore County to fire an airgun or BB gun in your backyard. You must be indoors or at a standard range. Do they not know that air rifles are an NCAA and International Olympic sport?