In the summer of 2011, the Pumpmaster 760 will experience improvements in body styling and performance. With the shooter’s comfort and fit in mind, the forearm has been designed with improved texture. New checkering to the grip, as well as an ergonomically-styled cheekpiece round out the changes aimed at enhancing the shooter’s experience. The new design also reduces the pumping effort without sacrificing performance or velocity.

Oh, and these changes will be coming to the Pink Pumpmaster too!

8 Responses

  1. Charlie Givens

    I have a Power Master 760 pump pistol, which is quite old. Have trouble of the
    chamber leaking preasure, and was wandering if their is a Kit to that would take
    care of this problem.
    Please Help and if their is a manuel on this I would like a copy.

  2. DarryH

    Nice to see the makeover. It was well overdue.
    Have you done anything to make the gun easier to pump?
    My one issue has always been, it is a youth sized gun,
    but it is too hard to pump for the intended age group.

  3. Tom

    I have a 760 Pumpmaster. Its about 8 years old or so. I would like to add a scope. Will that Value scope work with this rifle? Also I can not find the trigger lock that came with it or the key where can I get a new one of them? Thanks Tom

  4. Gibs

    Can the new design even kill squirrels? I would like to know before putting some pellets in one