Blue Book of Gun Values recently announced Nitro Piston 2 as a winner of its inaugural Firearms Industry Awards for the system’s unique patent pending components and overall design.

“Nitro Piston 2 continues to be a hot topic among airgun enthusiasts and those who cover the shooting sports industry since its unveiling last month”, said Chip Hunnicutt, Manager of Corporate Communications for Crosman. “It is an honor to have the work of our team to be recognized by Blue Book and we can’t wait to get the first Benjamin airgun featuring Nitro Piston 2 technology into customers’ hands this spring.”

The Blue Book of Gun Values is considered the industry authority on firearms since it was first published 35 years ago. The Blue Book of Airguns is in its 10th edition and is the only comprehensive reference and value guide for airguns.

According to Adam Burt, President of Blue Book Publications, Inc., the Top Ten Award intends to “reward true innovation to manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, optics and firearms accessories.”  The award will be presented to Crosman during the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings in May.

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  1. Bruce Hensley

    I have seen Jim and daughter shoot wild pigs with an air rifle. Is this the same rifle? I still have not gotten my back from the sheriff’s office over 2 years now. I am recovering from right shoulder surgery now. I was told no more shooting I wounder if, I will able to hold and shoot an air rifle. Still bothered with woodpeckers and squirrels. The pistol just doesn’t get the job done. Thanks for the up date.

    • Steve Marshall

      You should have no problem at all shooting it. I had my entire right shoulder replaced three years ago, I asked my Ortho if she thought I could still do shooting and she said sure, just to stay away from the larger Caliber weapons. I still shoot my Benjamin Nitro Piston (first edition) as well as My 44 magnum, my 357 Mag and my 5.556 AR with no problems.

  2. R.L.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic (.22) in AAFES stores soon.

  3. Tragan Lawson

    Can you guys add some M9 and M4 carbine with a fore grip and a scope and the price up to about $ 75.00 but all metal and a plastic grip Thank you.

  4. John Sima

    I just purchased a Umarex Octane in 22 cal which uses this Nitro 2 piston, I am so far impressed. haven’t done much shooting yet.
    Are there any plans for manufacturers to make a .25 Cal with Nitro 2 ???

    • chunnicutt

      Nitro Piston is exclusive to Crosman. The conversion kit for other manufacturers has been canceled and there will be no Nitro Piston 2 conversions available. A .25 is in the plan but no release date has been set.

  5. Guy Lussier

    Is there a nitro piston retrofit available for a srandard B-18/B-19 action like the Phantom or the Remington Vantage?

  6. Rob

    I have the Nitro Trail pistol. What plans do you have for improving the inherent problem of the gun shooting several inches or more below the POA? Also it seems to be loosing power… I have only fired about 300 rounds, and it now has been unable to penetrate an aluminum energy drink can at 35 feet. using pointed and hollow point lead pellets. Will you be considering coming out with a Nitro 2 version of this pistol ? Does keeping the barrel extender on have any effect on the the power or POA ?

    • chunnicutt

      Try sighting in at 25 yards. You may also need to adjust the rear sight forward so it sits properly on the pistol. No plans for the NP2 to appear in this version of the pistol. The cocking aid does not affect POA.

  7. denis villemure

    my nitro crosman venom dusk model cd1k77np .177 has lost all power will not fire pellet out of the barrel sould I send it back

  8. Neil

    I just recieved my oldest brothers gun a few days after getting a Titan .22 ..his was a sheridian 5mm C series it is from ’69 or ’70. I beleive the seals went bad as it wont hold any pressure.can this be fixed? I would like to hand it down to my son one day soon…as this was the gun my 3 brothers and myself learned to shoot first…

    Thanks ….

    • chunnicutt

      Use the “Find a Service Center” link at the bottom of this page.

  9. jon

    What date will the benjamin trail np2 22cal camo stock be in stores in kentucky or ohio and what store, I heard that crosman is teaming up with bass pro shops to unvale the new gun is that true ?