Nitro Piston 2 was a hit of SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range. ┬áHere are some of the reactions to the all-new breakthrough powerplant.

19 Responses

  1. Tom Atwood

    Question where can we test fire these rifles before we buy,
    I live in Geneseo New York not that far from your factory.

    Thank you Thomas Atwood

    • chunnicutt

      We’ll have them at the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship we host at the factory in July.

  2. brian

    Looks interesting. Would be really nice to see an ‘onshoring’ of your manufacturing improving build quality. Are these just assembled in USA or actually fully manufactured here?

    Also when do you see these hitting the European market at 12/6ft/lb to give the British & German Mfr a wake up call ? Bit of ground to be made up there after the less than favourable reviews the Nitro 1 variants received.

    Well done for being innovative.

  3. RON

    I’m thinking of buying a new air rifle and I like the sound of the np2 looks like a great gun when will it be coming out on the market

  4. jon

    when is the benjamin trail np2 going to be able to buy and what will be the retale?

  5. neil k

    will we ever see a .20 cal break barrel from crosman?

  6. Gary Holzman

    Are the NP2 powerplants fgoing to be restricted to your upper price Benjamine line, or also to the crossman line? and any other brands you badge for?

    • chunnicutt

      Nitro Piston 2 will first appear in the Trail line then it will make its way to all our Benjamin/Crosman products by Spring 2015. It will not be available as a conversion kit.

  7. Ore

    I was about to buy a Hatsan. After reading about the NP2, I have decided to hold off. I want to purchase a .22. Can you tell me what the real FPE will be? What would the real ft/s be with a led 14.3 grain pellet? For the life of me, I don’t understand why manufacturers use alloy pellets to advertise their fp/s. Who shoots with alloy pellets? I think you lose credibility. That is one of the things that attracted me to Hatsan in the first place. Their advertised ft/s are real world and conservative. If the marketing hype on the np2 is 75% true, I am a buyer.

  8. Bill

    A few days ago I got a new Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100. I can’t seem to keep the scope stable. Had to put Loctite Blue on the mount, but now the scope is sliding within the rings. Plus I am 70 years old and the cocking force is rediculous. I have shot about 200 rounds so far. I am thinking aobut returning the NP XL to Walmart and am strongly considering the new NP2 .22 wood stock. Did you say the advertised numbers are for real? Is it really pretty much as advertised, allowing for a little embellishment?? Thanks. I need to know so I can make a decision. One of your biggest retailers said he thought the new NP2 would be so-so??. That discouraged me.

  9. Bill

    After you answer my prior question placed at 6:55 PM (EST) concerning the realistic numbers for the NP2, and if the response is encouraging, is there any advantage to pre-ordering directly from Crosman or is it best to use a company such as Pyramid Air? Would Crosman guarantee my satisfaction and let me return it if I am not happy with it for reasons such as the scope won’t stay mounted stable and so on?

    • chunnicutt

      Please see the warranty information included with your rifle for our return policies.