Hunting season is right around the corner and now is the time to pick up a new Crosman break barrel powered by Nitro Piston! From squirrels and rabbits to ‘coons and coyotes, a Nitro Piston airgun redefines the break barrel category for hunters.

Replacing the traditional coiled steel spring with a nitrogen-filled gas ram results in a 70% quieter gun during the shot cycle, and vastly improved accuracy due to no recoil with the ram.  Silence, stability, speed, power…..all ingredients for a successful hunt.

Check out the full line of Nitro Piston rifles here.

Nitro Piston-powered rifles are easy to cock and unlike spring guns, can remain cocked.  Where springs experience fatigue leading to a decline in performance or possible breakage, this is not an issue with the Nitro Piston gas ram.

Available in .177 and .22 calibers and a variety of finishes including hardwood and all-weather laminate, Remington® models featuring carbon fiber or digital camo, and the limited edition Benjamin® Legacy SE in Realtree® camo.

2 Responses

  1. Lou Grounds

    Ok; when will the Nitro Piston rifles, handguns be available ?

    • chunnicutt

      Gen 1 Nitro Piston rifles are available now along with the Trail Pistol.