The Northeast Regional Field Target Championship hosted by Crosman is just a few weeks away and today the event unveiled rules for the Pistol Division that will introduce strategy to a sport where previously success was based purely on accuracy.

“We’re going beyond the standard one knockdown equals one point,” explains Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager for Crosman. “This year, if the shooter knocks down the target from a supported position, that is, while kneeling, prone or similar, then they’ll get their one point.  If however they choose to shoot off-hand, with no support, a knockdown is rewarded with two points.”

Like a golfer who opts to go for the green rather than lay up, the option to take a more difficult shot with a promise of greater reward is expected to have some shooters putting more thought into strategy than in previous pistol contests.

“This will add an exciting element to the competition.  The NRFTC welcomes both veteran competitors and those new to field target and this scoring system is friendly to both.  Watching nationally known competitors consider strategy before a shot is going to add a whole new element,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Web and Social Marketing Manager for Crosman.  The new rule is for the pistol competition only.

The event takes place July 8-10 on the Crosman campus in Bloomfield, NY.  Openings are still available for those interested in shooting the 2-day rifle match, 1-day pistol match or pick-your-day fun shoot.  For more details and to download a registration form, click here.